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Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioners

Enclosures with simple ventilation are not enough to keep electronic components cool and functioning at their most efficient. To combat the high heat loads inside electrical enclosures, ISC Sales offers Enclosure Air Conditioners that can get the job done right.

An enclosure AC is the best option for a powerful cooling solution. The AC’s come in a range of 1,000 to 20,000 BTUH.

These durable cooling systems can work in outdoor or indoor environments, with NEMA ratings 12, 4 and 4X. The units are also available for hazardous locations, extreme temperatures and small enclosures.

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Get The Best from your Enclosure Air Conditioner (Options & Accessories)

  • Corrosion Protection Package: The protective coating option for coils and tubing provides the best protection against corrosion due to acids, solvents, salt, chemicals, and more.
  • Internal Heating Package: The Heat System is incorporated into the evaporator section of
    the air conditioner that can be operated with a programmable digital controller.
  • Dry Contact: High-Temperature Alarm, Compressor Status with High-Temperature Alarm, and Power On Status with High-Temperature Alarm.
  • Remote Control

Cooling Electrical Cabinets is Easy with Delta-T

The Delta-T line of Enclosure Air Conditioners can prevent high ambient temperatures and internal heat loads from causing equipment failures by reducing the temperature inside your panels, cabinets and enclosures, with their high cooling capacity.

We have units ranging from 1,000 BTUH to 20,000 BTUH that cover a wide variety of applications and cabinet sizes. All of our Panel Air Conditioners include a Condensate Elimination System which evaporates condensate before it can escape the unit and increases unit efficiency by pre-cooling refrigerant at the same time.


Food Processing, Metal Working, Petrochemical, Waste Water facilities, Cement, Paper & Plastics plants.

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ISC carries a large variety of standard NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X Enclosure Air Conditioners in stock, available for same day shipments. Call and ask an Account Manager for details and about specific models.


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