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Delta T Diamond Series Enclosure Air Conditioners

Delta-T Diamond Series Enclosure Air Conditioners

High-quality design and construction are what set the Delta-T’s Diamond Series enclosure air conditioners apart from similar small enclosure cooling products.

These units are well-suited for enclosures in tight spaces, and have been designed to fit enclosures as small as 7”. These superior enclosure air conditioners are available in 1,000 to 2,000 BTUH and all models can be manufactured for NEMA Type 12, 4, or 4X. Voltages in 120, 208-230 VAC. UL/cUL Listed; File No. SA8067

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Condensate Elimination System

Delta-T Enclosure Air Conditioners dispose of condensate by routing refrigerant hot gas through our condensate boil off pan. This causes water to evaporate which results in:

  • Condensate being eliminated before it can escape the unit
  • Increased unit efficiency by pre-cooling refrigerant
  • Lower running amps make our industrial air conditioners more efficient
  • No need for inefficient external drain tubes or electric heaters


  • Low Running Amps reduces stress on electrical systems
  • Highly efficient compressor with anti-short cycle protection
  • Designed specifically for easy maintenance and service
  • Sloped top to allow for water runoff
  • Intuitive Digital Controller that simplifies maintenance
  • Programmable set point and temperature operating controls
  • System status indication, visible error and alarm messaging

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