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ISC Sales provides superior industrial products to a wide variety of end-users and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Based in North Texas, our mission is to stock quality products that enhance the operation of our customers and provide outstanding customer service. There is no voicemail during business hours at ISC and you will always speak to a specialist on your application.

ISC Sales offers a broad range of climate control products for electrical enclosures such as air conditioners, vortex coolers, air to air heat exchangers, purge & pressurization units, filtered fans, and thermoelectric coolers. We also supply liquid filtration products such as pipeline strainers and filter housings for industrial processes involving water, oil, and chemicals. In addition, we distribute compressed air items including receiver tanks, air dryers, condensate drains, and nitrogen generators.We offer a variety of solutions designed to meet your unique HVAC-R equipment needs including in stock Panasonic Compressors. ISC Sales is also the exclusive representative and distributor for Simco-Ion Industrial static electricity control equipment in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and Mississippi.

ISC Sales also has an e-commerce site where you can purchase a large assortment of industrial products. ISC Online was launched in 2012 to expand our base of products to better serve our customers. Here you will find an extensive selection of industrial goods such as 3M static control products, portable generators, Shop-Vacs, safety equipment, electrical enclosures, HVAC equipment, electric motors, air tools, and pneumatic parts.


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