Fil-Trek FRPH Series Plastic Cartridge Housing

FRPH Series Plastic Cartridge Housing

The FRPH series is a horizontal housing that accepts multiple 30", 40", 50", and 60" industry standard, double open end style cartridges. Upon request, it can also be designed to accept single open end cartridges. With Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, vessel material has a longer life expectancy when dealing with corrosive liquids, such as; sea water and brackish water.

Built to NSF standards, it also comes with a swing bolt closure that allows for quick cartridge change outs. Contact us today to speak to a filtration expert if you have any questions.

                                         Compatible Filters

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FRP Series Datasheet 

Specifications & Operating Parameters

Maximum Operating Pressure150 psig (6.9 bar( at 200°F
Available Sizes/Length30", 40", 50", 60"
Max Flow Rate7200 GPM
Materials of ConstructionFiberglass Reinforced Plastic, along with Stainless Steel components, 304, 316
Duplexing AvailableYes

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