3M 8214 Table Mat – Blue, 2′ x 4′

Item # 8214 Brand: 3M


3M Dissipative Vinyl Three-Layer Blue 2 x 4 Foot Floor Mats are soft table and floor mats with a three-layer construction.

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Product Information

3M 8214 Dissipative Vinyl Three-Layer Mats and Rolls 8200 Series are soft table and floor mats with a three-layer construction. Includes one 3M Wrist Strap Grounding System 3048 and two 3M Snap Fasteners 3050, installed.

The top layer is durable static dissipative vinyl, which has sufficiently low resistance to discharge static-laden conductors, yet will help prevent the shorting of pins on the backs of printed circuit boards laid on the mat. The middle layer is a highly-conductive scrim that provides the main discharge path to ground, and the bottom layer is static-dissipative foam, providing a durable nonskid cushion. Compatible with 3M constant monitors.

Specs Applications

Top layer – Static Dissipative Vinyl
Middle layer – Highly-conductive Scrim
Bottom layer – Static Dissipative Foam
Thickness 0.140 in (3.5 mm)
Hardness (top) 75 Shore A
  Surface to Ground (RTG)
  Surface to Surface
2 x 108 ohms
3 x 108 ohms
Width /- .250"
Length /- .250"







Additional information

Weight 9 lbs