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Find Out How Your AC System Is Making Your Allergies Worse

Many of us get endless sneezes, itchy, runny noses and watery eyes because of allergies. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), more than 50 million Americans have experienced various types of allergies each year and allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. There is an almost […]

Shopping for Industrial Products Just Got Easier!

Join us in celebrating the launch of our new site! We have been working very hard to ensure the best customer experience possible while purchasing products from ISC Sales. ISC is the same company you have come to trust for industrial solutions for over 30 years. Providing you with the highest quality products and brand […]

6 Simple Steps for Cleaning Your HVAC System

You have probably already chased away all the cobwebs in the corners, and banished the dust from your baseboards but have you thought about how to clean your heating, ventilation and air system (HVAC)? HVAC systems are easy to forget about, but by keeping your system clean you can effectively keep the air in your […]

The Last AC Filter Guide You’ll Ever Need

Air filters are possibly the world’s most compelling topic to discuss, reflect on and consider. HAHA! Don’t worry, I wasn’t being serious. Now, while not the most thrilling topic to discuss, it is a very important one when considering air conditions inside of your home.  Indoor pollution is a very real thing and can be […]

Dew Point a Must-Read for Compressed Air

What’s Dew Point? (A Must-Read For Compressed Air)

You already know what dew point is, you just haven’t heard it called by that name yet! You’ve probably seen it almost every day. Surprising, isn’t it? The condensation that forms on your cold glass of water, clouds, the water that forms on grass overnight and water that collects on windows on cold winter days […]

Compressed Air Dryers Eliminate Moisture

Compressed Air Dryers (The Easy Way to Eliminate Moisture!)

Trying to decide which equipment to use in your plant or manufacturing process can be a headache, and choosing an air dryer for your air compressor system is no exception. But never fear, ISC Sales is here! We put together this guide to help you to make the decision on which equipment will work best […]

The Complete Guide To Electrical Enclosure NEMA Ratings

  What is a NEMA Rating? The National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association (NEMA) standardize product specifications while establishing performance criteria. NEMA ratings explain what the enclosure’s intended use is for, from small pushbutton boxes to large, full-sized room enclosures. They ensure consumers are buying the correct enclosure to keep electrical components safe based on the cabinet’s […]

Commercial Heaters For Warehouse

Commercial Heaters for Warehouse

No one likes to be cold. Especially not in their workplace, even machinery doesn’t appreciate operating in freezing conditions of cold winter months. By adding supplemental warehouse heaters you can keep your equipment running smoothly and ensure the comfort and health of your employees. The first thing you need to know is how much heat […]

A Quick Start Guide To HVAC Compressors

We have all come to rely heavily on HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) and air conditioning (AC) technology to keep things running coolly. In fact, we have grown so accustomed to being in cool and comfortable environments that scientists have proven that we have lost some of our natural tolerance to handle high temperatures. […]

commercial heaters

A Buying Guide For Finding The Perfect Commercial Heater

This guide contains everything you need to know about purchasing a commercial space heater. So if you want to know which heater will work best for your workspaces, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started… 1. Is It Worth It to Add Additional Heating to My Industrial Work Space?2. How Do Space Heaters […]

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