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Particulate Removal Vacuums

Multiple production processes of paper, film, and foil materials create particles that can contaminate the web. Contact and separation of the web material with the machine rollers generates static electricity that results in an electrostatic adhesion, bonding contaminants to the surface of the web. The faster the web operates, the more complicated this problem becomes. Contaminated surfaces cause defects, which results in quality problems, costly rejects, and ultimately dissatisfied customers.

Simco-Ion offers a variety of Particulate Removal Vacuums for web & sheet cleaning systems. The cleaner that is right for you depends on how clean you need your surface to be. Most systems are configured with static bars that neutralize static charges and prevent retraction of contaminates to the web surface.

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  • Reduces product rejects
  • Improves overall product quality
  • Increases productivity
  • Minimizes maintenance and downtime for cleaning
  • Improved customer satisfaction

The Mark I uses a high pressure low volume vacuum collector to remove particulate down to 20 microns in size from webs and sheets. The Mark I Web and Sheet Cleaning System includes brushes and static control bars before and after the vacuum slot. Removal of dust and dirt improves production speeds and lowers the incidence of product quality defects. An Ion-O-Vac’s is normally mounted where material has more than 30 degrees of surface contact with a roller or cylinder. This maximizes the cleaning effect of the high pressure vacuum. The collector must be located in close proximity to the heads. Ion-O-Vac Systems are custom designed for each application.

  • One sided or top and bottom web cleaning
  • Contact and non-contact configurations
  • Brackets and ducting included
  • Micrometer adjustments for precisely locating the cleaner head over the substrate
  • Manual or optional pneumatic retraction systems to raise and lower the heads
  • Brushes slide in and out for easy replacement
  • Economical replacement brush pricing

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When you need the action of a rotating brush to vacuum and remove particulate down to 15-microns in size from a material surface. Ion-O-Vac Mark IV Sheet Cleaning Systems utilize the power of rotary brush action to scrub the material surface, cleaning down to 5-microns. The scrubbing action of the Mark IV rotary brush is designed for the toughest of materials that demand the cleanest of surfaces. Standard features include a canister collector with cartridge filter, pre-filter and motor starter, Ion-O-Vac head with rotary brush, micrometer adjustment for raising and lowering the head(s), drive motor and speed control, static eliminator and brackets. Systems can be configured to clean one or both sides of the material. Ion-O-Vac Systems are custom designed for each application.

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Neutro Vac vacuum cleaners keep your web or sheet free of contaminants down to 20-microns in size. Neutro-Vac systems combine the power of a compressed air blast, static elimination, brushes and a high exhaust head to agitate the web, remove the static bond and evacuate surface particulate down to 20 microns in size. The Neutro-Vac systems are ideal for installation over unsupported webs from 3” to 300” wide. Neutro-Vac Systems are custom designed for each application.

  • One sided or top and bottom web cleaning
  • Contact, non-contact and hazardous location configurations
  • HEPA after-filter available

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