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Remove Electrostatic Discharge

Remove Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) From Your Process

The control of static electricity plays a large role in modern electronics and other production processes. An electrostatic discharge (ESD) event is when a static charge is bled off in an uncontrolled fashion. This discharge can range from fifty to tens of thousands of volts.

ESD can cause a long list of problems for production processes including “walking wounded” components. This refers to components that have been damaged by ESD but the component can continue to work for hours, days or even months after the initial damage before they can cause a catastrophic failure.

ESD is usually an expensive inconvenience because it can exist for an unknown amount of time before it causes enough damage to be noticed.

Neutralizing the product and the operators from ESD will prevent issues like “walking wounded” components. It can also help to immensely drop costs associated with product defects.

Buy online or contact a static control specialist at ISC Sales today for more information on the best solution for ridding your application of risk of ESD.

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