Simco-Ion Ionizing Blow-Off Gun / Air Gun – Top Gun, 120V

Item # SIMCO-TOPGUN Brand: Simco-ion


Lightweight and ergonomic, perfect for targeted and localized ionization.

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High-performance ionizing air gun designed for a wide variety of electronic manufacturing, medical and assembly applications.

Balanced to 0+/-15V, the Top Gun features high blow-off force and low air consumption providing high-efficiency cleaning and maximum static charge decay.

The gun comes with multiple functionalities built-in: a flow control valve, a balance adjustment for calibration, and a two-level LED which indicates both power and ionization.

Both the gun and cable are static dissipative.


Sidekick: A food pedal controls ionization and airflow for hand-free operation. The flexible gun mount allows the operator to focus the ionized airflow where it is needed. The stand includes a steel bracket for easy bench-top mounting.

Optical sensor: Automatically activates the gun when an object is in range. The Optical Sensor has an adjustable range of 1-30 inches.


  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Gun weight: 6.5 oz; Air hose 1.25 oz / ft
  • Control module weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • Flow control valve for adjustable airflow
  • Electrically balanced ion output
  • Integrated, replaceable filter-nozzle
  • Ionization indicator light
  • Air hose material: static dissipative polyurethane
  • Air gun material: static dissipative polycarbonate / ABS blend
  • Cable material: static dissipative polyurethane
  • Control module enclosure material: Powder coated steel
  • Noise Level: 89 dbA @ 60 PSI


  • Lightweight gun with light-touch trigger to prevent operator
  • Protects ESD sensitive components and assemblies
  • 0.01 micron filter at the exit of the gun ensures that the air is clean.

Spec Sheet

Additional information

Brand Simco-ion
Weight 15 lbs





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Optical sensor




Item #Description
4005105-01Option: 7 ft Cable / Hose Assembly Optical sensor: N/A
4006599-01Option: 14 ft Cable / Hose Assembly Optical sensor: N/A
4012202-01Option: 14 ft Cable / Hose Assembly Optical sensor: Yes
4006992-01Option: Hand-free stand & foot pedal Optical sensor: N/A
4012205-01Option: Hand-free stand & foot pedal Optical sensor: Yes
4012199-01Option: 5 ft Cable / Hose Assembly Optical sensor: Yes