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Separator / Coalescer Combo Units

Eliminex High Flow Combo units have a two-stage assembly. By adding a high-efficiency coalescer behind an Eliminex air filter, the high flow combination can reach 99.99998% efficiency at .01 microns. This not only removes heavy water but also results in a superior system to capture oil and fine particulates.  With port sizes ranging from ¼” NPT to 1″ NPT and flow ranging from 60 to 3,000 SCFM, it is possible to add an Eliminex air filter to any process production, which will extend the life of all downstream equipment and protect your application’s entire compressed air system. ISC is proud to offer the patented inverse flow filter-dryer with all stainless steel mesh filter packing, plus a range of products that are compatible with any compressed air system to provide remarkable water and dirt capture.

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