Fil-Trek Lined and Coated Cartridge Housing - SP SeriesFil-Trek Lined and Coated Cartridge Housing - SP Series

The SP series, short for Saline Protection, boasts cutting edge, ceramic lined filter housings that are ideal for applications where the presence of saline occurs.

The unique ceramic reinforced coating against carbon steel is used to drastically outlast other conventional coatings, such as rubber-lining, epoxies and paints.

The rapid curing, ceramic reinforced polymer is used to prevent corrosion and erosion on filtration equipment exposed to regular long-term effects of filtration where saline is present. Ideal for seawater filtration, desalination, brackish water filtration or brine water filtration.

Product Download - SP Series Datasheet 

                                                Compatible Filters

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Specifications & Operating Parameters

Maximum Operating Pressure150 psig (10.3 bar) @ 250°F.
Available Sizes/Length30", 40", 50"
Available Linings/LengthCeramic
Max Flow RateUp To 8000 GPM
Materials of ConstructionCarbon Steel
ASME CodeYes
Duplexing AvailableYes

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