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Compressed Air Receiver Tanks

Essential to any compressed air system, compressed air receiver tanks not only serve as temporary storage, but they also allow your system to perform more efficiently.

Air receiver tanks, also known as pressure vessels, are designed to provide a supply buffer to meet demand spikes that can exceed the compressor capacity by accumulating air.

They also serve to separate out particles and liquids, and make the compressed air system easier to control.

In some cases, installing a larger air compressor receiver tank to meet occasional peak demands can even allow for the use of a smaller compressor.

Our compressed air accumulator tanks are designed and constructed in accordance with ASME Section VIII Div-I Code for compressed air storage use.

Because of the immense pressure, they contain and because of their importance to an air compressor system, air receiver tanks must be built exceptionally durable and strong.

Request a quote online or call to have a compressed air specialist help determine the perfect tank for your application.

ISC stocks standard models from 10 Gallons to 10,000 Gallons compressed air receiver tanks to accommodate most manufacturing needs and can ship from a regional warehouse within 48 hours after being ordered.

Custom Air Receiver Tanks are also available. Please click here for more information.

Need even more information? Read our article "What Is An Air Receiver Tank?"

ModelGallonsCubic FeetPSISize (in)Weight (lbs)DescriptionDrawing
302400101.3420010 x 3037Base Ring OnlyPDF
302401101.3430010 x 3041Base Ring OnlyPDF
302402152.0120012 x 3346Base Ring OnlyPDF
302403152.0130012 x 3360Base Ring OnlyPDF
302404202.6720014 x 3360Base Ring OnlyPDF
302405202.6730014 x 3397Base Ring OnlyPDF
302406304.0120016 x 3885Base Ring OnlyPDF
302407304.0130016 x 38117Base Ring OnlyPDF
302408304.0120016 x 38107Base Ring & Top PlatePDF
302409304.0130016 x 38139Base Ring & Top PlatePDF
302410608.0220020 x 48159Base Ring OnlyPDF
302411608.0230020 x 48219Base Ring OnlyPDF
302412608.0220020 x 48192Base Ring & Top PlatePDF
302413608.0230020 x 48253Base Ring & Top PlatePDF
3024148010.7020020 x 63198Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024158010.7030020 x 63268Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024178010.7020024 x 46220Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024188010.7030024 x 46282Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024198010.7020024 x 46257Base Ring & Top PlatePDF
3024208010.7030024 x 46319Base Ring & Top PlatePDF
30242312016.0420030 x 46355Base Ring OnlyPDF
30242412016.0420030 x 46415Base Ring & Top PlatePDF
30242512016.0430030 x 46535Base Ring & Top PlatePDF
ModelGallonsCubic FeetPSISizeWeightDescriptionDrawing
30242112016.0420024 x 67329Base Ring OnlyPDF
30242212016.0430024 x 67379Base Ring OnlyPDF
30242620026.7420030 x 72525Base Ring OnlyPDF
30242720026.7430030 x 72720Base Ring OnlyPDF
30242824032.0920030 x 84670Base Ring OnlyPDF
30242924032.0930030 x 84930Base Ring OnlyPDF
30243240053.4816536 x 93660Base Ring OnlyPDF
30243340053.4820036 x 93881Base Ring OnlyPDF
30243650066.8416536 x 116950Base Ring OnlyPDF
30243750066.8420036 x 1161050Base Ring OnlyPDF
ModelGallonsCubic FeetPSISizeWeightDescriptionDrawing
30243966088.2416542 x 1171365Base Ring OnlyPDF
30244066088.2420042 x 1171570Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024431060141.7116548 x 1441780Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024441060141.7120048 x 1441780Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024461550207.2216554 x 1662580Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024471550207.2220054 x 1662700Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024492200294.1216560 x 1903535Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024502200294.1220060 x 1904100Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024522560242.2516560 x 2203750Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024532560242.2520060 x 2204375Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024543000401.0713766 x 2145700Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024553000401.0716566 x 2145700Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024573800508.0216572 x 2286800Base Ring OnlyPDF
3056535000668.4516572 x 3058500Base Ring OnlyPDF
3059955000668.4520072 x 30511200Base Ring OnlyPDF
3024595000668.4516584 x 23210500Base Ring OnlyPDF
3047185000668.4520084 x 23210800Base Ring OnlyPDF
30513880001069.5215084 x 35512300Base Ring OnlyPDF
30480780001069.5213796 x 27614000Base Ring OnlyPDF
303970100001336.90137108 x 27515700Base Ring OnlyPDF
ModelGallonsCubic FeetPSISize (in)Weight (lbs)DescriptionDrawing
302460101.3420010 x 3032Legs OnlyPDF
302461101.3420010 x 3043Legs & Top PlatePDF
302462101.3430010 x 3046Legs & Top PlatePDF
302463152.0120012 x 3351Legs OnlyPDF
302464152.0120012 x 3351Legs & Top PlatePDF
302465152.0130012 x 3366Legs & Top PlatePDF
302466202.6720014 x 3366Legs OnlyPDF
302467202.6720014 x 3379Legs & Top PlatePDF
302468202.6730014 x 3395Legs & Top PlatePDF
302469304.0120016 x 3889Legs OnlyPDF
302470304.0120016 x 38111Legs & Top PlatePDF
302471304.0130016 x 40140Legs & Top PlatePDF
302473608.0220020 x 48170Legs OnlyPDF
302474608.0220020 x 48204Legs & Top PlatePDF
302475608.0230020 x 48225Legs & Top PlatePDF
3024768010.7020020 x 63214Legs OnlyPDF
3024778010.7020020 x 63263Legs & Top PlatePDF
3024788010.7030020 x 63350Legs & Top PlatePDF
30247912016.0420024 x 67311Legs OnlyPDF
30248012016.0420024 x 67382Legs & Top PlatePDF
30248220026.7420030 x 72538Legs OnlyPDF
30248320026.7420030 x 72632Legs & Top PlatePDF
30248424032.0920030 x 84618Legs OnlyPDF
30248524032.0920030 x 84716Legs & Top PlatePDF
ModelGallonsCubic FeetPSISize (in)Weight (lbs)DescriptionDrawing
30248740053.4816536 x 93750Legs OnlyPDF
30248840053.4820036 x 93925Legs OnlyPDF
30249066088.2416542 x 1171375Legs OnlyPDF
30249166088.2420042 x 1171375Legs OnlyPDF
3024931060141.7116548 x 1442200Legs OnlyPDF
3024941060141.7120048 x 1442500Legs OnlyPDF
3024961550207.2216554 x 1662700Legs OnlyPDF
3024982200294.1216560 x 1904200Legs OnlyPDF
3025002560342.2516560 x 2204500Legs OnlyPDF

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DownloadVertical Air Receiver Tanks Brochure

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Features:Air Receiver Tanks

  • Capable of storing high-pressure air up to 300 PSI.
  • “U” stamped and registered with the National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
  • Most designs include Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN).
  • Capable of building to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and United States Coast Guard (USCG) codes.

Please keep in mind it is important that a compressed air tank is connected to a condensate drain to remove unwanted moisture from your air system. In addition, all compressed air tanks should have a safety valve to vent air out of the tank should the internal pressure exceed the maximum PSI the tank is designed for.


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