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Pinner Arc Resistant Bars

Versatile arc resistant bars work for most any charging needs. Simco-Ion's Pinner and Pinner-T bars are available as part of the Chargemaster Electrostatic Generating System. These bars are energized with Charging generators to deliver a safe charge to temporarily pin or bond materials together. Quality construction and engineered for performance, the Pinner Series will help you achieve your Electrostatic Pinning goals whether working with IML, lamination, card tacking or edge pinning.Pinner Arc Resistant Bars

  • Super-rugged design for Industrial Environments.
  • Resistively coupled for operator safety and reduced EMI emissions.
  • High output for outstanding pinning performance.
  • Part of the Innovative Chargemaster System, for demanding Industrial applications.

The Pinner Series static charge applicators consists of the Linear Pinner, 5-Point and Pinner Claw. Pinner applicators are arc resistant to avoid suspension of static charge and loss of pinning action. The Pinners are current limited to ensure operator and equipment safety.

  • Current limited design for operator and equipment protection
  • Replaceable pins to ensure maximum pinning performance
  • Minimized EMI and RFI generation, preventing disruption of sensitive controls

Arcing can cause a multitude of problems such as EMI interference, shutdown of production lines and personnel injury due to surprise from electrical shock. Resistance to arcing means that the Pinner applicators continuously supply static charge. This feature makes them easier and safer to set up and use.

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Input Voltage±30 kVDC (±50 kVDC with special mounting and insulation precautions)
Output Current1.5 mA/ft max
Operating EnvironmentTemperature 32-200°F (0-90°C); humidity 70% RH Max, no dewing permissible
Operating Distance1/2” to 3” (application & voltage dependant)
Weight2.1 lb/foot
Casting MaterialGlass filled vinylester (rugged, impact resistant, light grey color)
High Voltage CableFlexible, abrasion-resistant, silicone outer jacket rated to ±50 kV
CableFixed mount, straight exit, 50kV rated, 221 degree F, 10 ft. length
MountingMulti-function bracket or low profile bracket

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