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Removing Static Electricity

Static Electricity is a common problem in today’s manufacturing environment. It can impair product quality, increase reject rates and reduce overall profitability and safety.

ISC Sales has multiple solutions for Removing Static Electricity from your application and production line. We partner with industry leaders in printing/bindery, plastics, packaging, web handling/converting, glass, medical, bottling and semiconductor processes to ensure we are providing the best quality products.

  • Hazardous Locations: Our Hazardous Location Certified solutions provide constant self-diagnostic information.
  • Converting: Remove dust from your material and prevent jams.
  • Packaging: Reduce label failures and keep material moving through the line.
  • Plastics: Relieve the issue of the material sticking together and contamination.
  • Non-Wovens: Keep trim collection systems from clogging.
  • Printing: Alleviate reject causing particles and sheet-fed stack errors
  • Medical: Manufacture contaminate free products
  • Electronics: Protect from ESD assembly issues and ensure QA standards.
  • Bottling: Improve output at Wrap, Cap Machine, Bottle Transfer and Sleever

Buy directly online or request a custom free quote from our static control experts for more information on removing static electricity from your application.

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