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Danfoss Scroll Compressors

Danfoss Scroll Compressors

Scroll Compressors are elegant in design. They run smoothly with almost no noise, no vibrations and use a clever design principle to compress the refrigerant. Unlike other similar technology with many moving parts, scroll compressors have one scroll, or spiral orbiting, in a path defined by a matching fixed scroll. The orbiting motion creates a series of gas pockets which draw in gas and raises the temperature and pressure to the desired discharge level.

The absence of pistons for gas compression enables scroll compressors to reach 100% volumetric efficiency, leading to reduced energy costs. With a weight and footprint smaller than most compressors, they are quickly becoming an industry standard.

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  • Very quiet, with hardly any operating noise
  • Compact design allows for small operating space
  • Simple design makes for easy repair
  • Low maintenance
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