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Enclosure Heaters

Enclosure Heaters

Enclosure heaters protect electrical elements from low temperatures, condensation, and corrosion. Maintaining critical electronic components with enclosure heaters keeps expensive electronics equipment running smoothly that supports company-wide systems and data communications. Enclosure heaters are easy to install and help manage a stable enclosure temperature.

Available Enclosure Heater Options

ISC Sales provides a wide range of heaters with various features, sizes and heat loads, including explosion proof capabilities which make them a perfect addition to any enclosure. We offer many options including fan heaters, touch-safe PTC heaters, foot-mount heaters, panel mount, and temperature controllers. Capacity ranges from 500W to 9500 W and the range of temperature coverage is from -50 degrees C to 80 degrees C.

ISC Sales has been in business supporting electrical enclosure needs for over 30 years. Contact our account managers at 877-602-0010 for help identifying the right product based on your needs.

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