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Air Knives

Air Knives

Air Knives

Air Knives utilize compressed air to aid in production processes. They are used to dry, remove excess oils liquidsand dust blow off, and can provide cooling. The air amplifiers are coupled with a static neutralizing bar to create an ionizing curtain that can kill static cling, discharge dust and other particles for blow off.

This design produces increased thrust and velocity, reduced noise, excellent uniformity and can significantly outperform any competing, wide blow-off device. Stainless steel models are ideal for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other applications where purity is required and where high temperatures or corrosive environments may be present.

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Since air knives are air amplifiers, they use a small amount of compressed air to deliver a powerful, high-velocity sheet of air over wide areas. ISC’s air knife systems provide an optimized balance of air velocity and mass flow. This balance is required for effective and efficient performance in applications such as continuous coating control, cooling (air quench) and debris removal, as well as air drying and many others.

  • 25 times air amplification over compressed air input
  • High performance, patented design gives high thrust
  • Interchangeable shims enable air flow to be adjusted for the specific application
  • Ionizing Air Knives available in lengths of 6, 12, 18 and 24 inches
  • Single compressed air inlet up to 12 inch length; dual inlet on longer models
  • No moving parts; no maintenance
  • Quiet – meets OSHA noise specifications


Air Knife Systems have been known to cut costs by 80% compared to thermal drying and other compressed air blow-off systems. An effective system can be assembled using single or multiple strategically placed air knives to use for cooling, drying, cleaning or static removal on wide surfaces.

  • More uniform blow off of large surfaces than nozzles or jets
  • Dries surfaces quickly and thoroughly
  • Significantly less cost than fans or blowers
  • Reduced compressed air usage, versus open nozzles
  • Easily controlled output
  • No electrical connections at the target site
  • Easily mounted and moved
  • Give a cleaner surface for painting or coating

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