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Snapdragon Coalescer Tramp Oil Skimmer

Removing tramp oil is the key to coolant longevity. Tramp oil is a food for bacteria and can emulsify into the coolant. This leads to coolant breakdown which will create more extensive problems. The Snapdragon Coalescer not only separates tramp oils, but it can also remove suspended particles and fight foul odors.

Fluid is pulled from the surface of your sump and goes into the coalescing tank. Tramp oil separation is caused by gravity and is accelerated by using coalescing media. The amount of separation is dependent on how long it is held in the tank. Holding time can be adjusted by setting the air pressure going to the pump, at 1 GPM fluids are held for 20 minutes and at 3 GPM fluids are held just over 6 minutes. When coolant is new it rejects tramp oils quickly.

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  • Snapdragon Coalescer completes your oil removal objectives
  • Extends the life of your coolant, tools, and workers
  • Prevents excessive mist formation
  • Intake attachments are available for every application
  • Diaphragm pumps pull to 20 feet
  • All components are visible for easy inspection and maintenance


  • Coolant, wash or wastewater below 100°F
  • Multiple sumps where one piece of equipment is preferred
  • Centralized coolant tanks


  • Tank w/spin-welded, bulkhead, leak-proof fittings and crush resistant hoses
  • 500µ stainless steel, reusable pre-filter removes floating chips which degrade coolant and may harm the pump
  • Tow-motor lift wings for easy maneuverability to upper levels or over floor obstructions
  • Pump handles below-ground applications. Average pump life is 7-10 years!
  • Durable, powder-coated steel frame transports all components
  • Tank empties in minutes and cleans up quickly
  • Baffled anti-turbulence system removes entrained air before oil enters the tank, improving efficiency by 20%
  • Unique coalescing media increases surface area tenfold, improving separation and never needs replacement

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