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Tramp Oil Skimmers

Tube Skimmers, Belt Skimmers, and Disk Skimmers

In most machine tool coolant systems and detergent wash systems, tramp oils are the leading cause of contamination. Tramp oil skimmers are the most effective and cost-efficient way to separate tramp oils from coolant. 

Skimmers are typically slowly rotating disks, tubes or belts that are partially submerged below the coolant level. As these moving parts rotate through the coolant, tramp oils cling to them and pass a tramp oil separator or wiper before returning to the coolant sump. Theses wipers also direct the tramp oil to a container where it is collected for disposal.

ISC has knowledgeable staff that can suggest the best oil skimming equipment that can recover all types of floating waste oils, greases and fats from water surfaces. Contact us online or call to have a specialist tell you more about our wide selection of tramp oil skimming equipment. Tube Skimmers, Belt Skimmers, Disk Skimmers

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  • Most Inexpensive Way to Remove Oil from Coolant
  • Prolongs Coolant Life, Reducing Raw Material Costs
  • Extends Tool Life and Improves Part Quality
  • Prevents Plugging of Spray Heads and Filters
  • Reduces Tramp Oil Disposal Costs
  • Minimal Maintenance

Sidewinder Tube Skimmer Skims from Anywhere

  • Skims underneath conveyors, enclosed sumps, and hard-to-access areas
  • Also works on oil spills
  • Pick the reach you need: reach sizes available from the standard
  • 8” model up to 95”
  • Installs in seconds
  • Industrial-grade pick-up tubing uses ceramic scraper
  • Large oil discharge port
  • Continuous-duty motor
  • One year warranty
ModelPart #Description*Notations
SidewinderZVA8-08Sidewinder Tube skimmer with 8” reach100-120v, 60Hz, 28 rpm
ZVA8-08ESidewinder Tube skimmer with 8” reach208/220/240v, 50Hz, 23/28 rpm
ZVA8.2-08Sidewinder Tube skimmer with 8” reach110v, 60Hz, 7 rpm
Magnetic Base OptionZXB8-MagMagnetic base option for Sidewinder without Diverter --
DiverterBGST4Oil/coolant separator for Sidewinder and Belt skimmersWill raise unit 2.5”, please account for this when determining required reach.
LockJawBGX1Lockjaw mounting clamp for Sidewinder with Diverter onlyGreat for skimmer portability and for drum use.
TimerXETIMERTimer for mechanical skimmers 24 hour, 3 setting External, plug-in type
XETIMER-GSBZ120v, 60Hz, 7 day, 2 hour interval settings.Integrated with motor
* Longer reach sizes available, in 3” increments, to 95” max. Please change suffix.

Zebra Belt Skimmer is a Traditional Favorite

  • Steel, heavy-duty, rugged construction
  • Removable, easy-to-clean collection tray
  • Self-tensioning belt on fixed lower pulley
  • Dual wiper set with lifetime warranty
  • Continuous-duty, fan-cooled motor
  • 2” diameter minimum access required
  • One year warranty (except on steel belts)
Model*Part #Belt TypeFluid Max Temp.CapacityBelt ReachBelt WidthRequired Access
Belt SkimmerBPF1-08Poly40-80°F (4-27°C)1 gph (3.8 lph)8” (20cm)1” (25mm)2” (50mm)
BPF1-12Poly40-80°F (4-27°C)1 gph (3.8 lph)12” (30cm)1” (25mm)2” (50mm)
BPF1-18Poly40-80°F (4-27°C)1 gph (3.8 lph)18” (45cm)1” (25mm)2” (50mm)
BPF1-24Poly40-80°F (4-27°C)1 gph (3.8 lph)24” (60cm)1” (25mm)2” (50mm)
BPF2-08Poly40-80°F (4-27°C)2 gph (7.8 lph)8” (20cm)2” (50mm)4” (10cm)
BPF2-12Poly40-80°F (4-27°C)2 gph (7.8 lph)12” (30cm)2” (50mm)4” (10cm)
BPF2-18Poly40-80°F (4-27°C)2 gph (7.8 lph)18” (45cm)2” (50mm)4” (10cm)
BPF2-24Poly40-80°F (4-27°C)2 gph (7.8 lph)24” (60cm)2” (50mm)4” (10cm)
BSF1-08Steel60-212°F (15-100°C)1 gph (3.8 lph)8” (20cm)1” (25mm)2” (50mm)
BSF1-12Steel60-212°F (15-100°C)1 gph (3.8 lph)12” (30cm)1” (25mm)2” (50mm)
BSF1-18Steel60-212°F (15-100°C)1 gph (3.8 lph)18” (45cm)1” (25mm)2” (50mm)
BSF1-24Steel60-212°F (15-100°C)1 gph (3.8 lph)24” (60cm)1” (25mm)2” (50mm)
BSF2-08Steel60-212°F (15-100°C)2 gph (7.8 lph)8” (20cm)2” (50mm)4” (10cm)
BSF2-12Steel60-212°F (15-100°C)2 gph (7.8 lph)12” (30cm)2” (50mm)4” (10cm)
BSF2-18Steel60-212°F (15-100°C)2 gph (7.8 lph)18” (45cm)2” (50mm)4” (10cm)
BSF2-24Steel60-212°F (15-100°C)2 gph (7.8 lph)24” (60cm)2” (50mm)4” (10cm)
* 115v motors standard; 220v motors available by adding “E” to end of part number.
* Outboard motor shaft available for steel belt units by replacing the “S” in the part number with “Z”.
* Longer reach units available in 1' increments by changing suffix of part number (-36, -48, -60, etc.)

Smart Disk Skimmer Saves You Time & Money

  • Saves you nearly $300 per year over Simple Disk Skimmers
  • Integrated Diverter™ knows the difference between floating tramp oils and coolant
  • Continuous-duty, fan cooled motor
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Lifetime warranty on disk and wipers, one year on all other parts
ModelItem #Description
GS SkimmerGS4H300Smart Disk Skimmer, 12” high-impact disk, reach of 4.5”
GS4H460Smart Disk Skimmer, 18” high-impact disk, reach of 7.0”
GS4H610Smart Disk Skimmer, 24” high-impact disk, reach of 9.5”

Simple Disk Skimmer Tackles Heavy Oil Loads

  • Handles heavy oil loads from coolant and wash water applications
  • Regular-duty motor
  • One year warranty (lifetime on disk and wipers)
ModelPart #Description
L skimmerLH300Smart Disk Skimmer, 12” high-impact disk, reach of 4.5”
LH460Smart Disk Skimmer, 18” high-impact disk, reach of 7.0”
LH610Smart Disk Skimmer, 24” high-impact disk, reach of 9.5”
LW300Simple Disk Skimmer, 12” high-temperature disk, reach of 4.5”
LW460Simple Disk Skimmer, 18” high-temperature disk, reach of 7.0”
LW610Simple Disk Skimmer, 24” high-temperature disk, reach of 9.5”

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