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Horizontal Water / Liquid Storage Tanks

Horizontal Leg Tanks make great trailer mounted water tanks and can also work well for stationary applications. Complete horizontal and elliptical shaped leg tanks are equipped with molded-in legs to support the tank and have optional steel hoops for tie downs.

Large capacity horizontal tanks are extremely versatile and are available in various sizes, configurations. They are designed to store a wide variety of liquids. Our Tanks are made inside the United States through a process called rotational molding. Our roto-molded, high-density polyethylene tanks are a perfect fit for a wide variety of applications.

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  • Bulk Water Transport
  • Oilfield Trailers & Storage
  • Chemical Transport
  • Waste Water Storage
  • Pressure Washer Trailers

Tank Material

Our Tanks are available in high-density Polyethylene (also known as HDPE or PEHD) which is an extremely durable thermoplastic resin that is also repairable and in Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) which is a thermoset resin that has superior heat and chemical resistance, stress cracking resistance as well as low-temperature impact strength. Tanks can be made for a Specific Gravity of 1.5 or 1.9 for liquids that are denser than water.

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  • Molded-in legs act as baffles to reduce sloshing
  • Drain/Fittings customization
  • Seamless and leak-free construction
  • A broad range of chemical resistance

Tank Specifications

We can manufacture our tanks with almost any specifications to meet your exact needs.  To guarantee competitive pricing, we have streamlined our production of tanks to incorporate the following capacities:

Horizontal Leg Tank Gallon Capacities:150250350600

Available Models

Gallon CapacityHorizontal Leg Tanks 1.5 SGHorizontal Leg Tanks 1.9 SGSpec Sheet

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