Compressor Drain Valves

Condensate Drains must be installed in any Compressed Air System in order to protect it from rust. Learn why they’re important and clarify all your doubts with this fast FAQ. Feel free to submit a question that is not covered here and one of our Experts will get back to you quickly.

Can water damage compressed air systems?

Yes, piping will rust and could contaminate your product or damage other equipment further down the line. Air compressors will produce significant amounts of water and need a water separator or trap of some kind. Water can also wash away important lubricants needed for proper compressor function and the formation of ice can plug and crack pipes.

Incorporating condensate management as a part of your system will prevent free water from forming in the compressor piping. Compressed air experts at ISC Sales can help you find the best compressed air solution for your application, give us a call today.

What is condensate management?

Air compressors produce water as they compress air. It begins to collect as it is drawn from the ambient air. It is important to discard this build-up of moisture before it enters the plant air system. Removing this water will help to protect dryers, air tools, gauges and other critical components of your application.

Condensate management products like oil/water separators and condensate drains will effectively separate and remove condensate.

Why do I need Water Traps for Compressed Air?

Condensate drains or water traps guarantee your application’s processes and products don’t become contaminated by liquid or oil and that your equipment will have a long life and run optimally.

The addition of a condensate drain can eliminate the man hours spent manually draining air lines and equipment. They also prevent the compressor from short cycling from filling up with condensate.

Where are condensate drains installed?

Condensate drains are typically found after air receiver tanks, after-coolers, refrigerated dryers and filters.

What kind of condensate drains are offered from ISC Sales?

Can adding a condensate drain save me money?

Installing a condensate drain helps save money in many ways. They eliminate man hours that were needed to purge air lines of condensate before the work day begins. The compressor will no longer short cycle due to build-up of condensate. They also ensure timely removal of condensate which protects end products and processes from contamination.

How do I know which condensate drain is right for me and my application?

Call us! We have compressed air experts waiting to help you now. Eliminate the guess work and have an expert guide you in the right direct and get the best condensate management product to meet your specific application demands.

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