Winco 64444 Portable Generator Cover-White/Gray, Winco Generators-Medium

Item # 64444-016 Brand: Winco



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Protect your generator during storage and transportation with the Winco Portable Generator Cover. Deters moisture, dirt, scrapes, and dents.

This heavy, tailored canvas cover will protect your generator from hazards and protect your investment.

Bonus: Built-in band keeps the cover in place.

Winco Portable Generator Cover Compatibility:

  • Small generators (SKU # 64444-014)
    • HPS6000HE
    • HPS9000VE
  • Medium generators (SKU # 64444-016)
    • W6010DE
    • W10000VE
    • WC6000HE
  • Large generators (SKU # 64444-013)
    • HPS12000HE
    • WL12000HE
    • WL18000VE

Additional information

Brand Winco
Weight 5 lbs


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