Panasonic / Matsushita Rotary AC Compressor – 13,315 BTU, 115V

Item # 2P20S3R126B1A AKA # SC-52170756-D Brand: Panasonic (Matsushita)



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13,315 BTU – 11.2 Amps – R-22 Refrigerant – 115V-60Hz – Panasonic Rotary Refrigerant Compressors provide High Volumetric Efficiency but Low Power Consumption

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Product Information:

Panasonic Rotary Compressors for air conditioners have been installed in the most demanding environments around the world. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, Panasonic rotary delivers high-performance, efficiency and reliable service, no matter where you are. Panasonic, the world’s largest manufacturer of rotary compressors. This compressor uses 115 volts to generate 13,315 BTU’s of cooling power.

Built upon 28 years of compressor design and production experience. New technology improvements, enhanced materials and simple design ensure these rotary compressors are reliable, efficient and quiet. Used in over 80% of cooling solutions globally, rotary is the world’s dominant air conditioning compression technology. Panasonic is the leading rotary and residential AC compressor manufacturer in the world, with over 200 million compressors produced.


  • The piston is made of unique high-grade steel that prevents wear and extends operation life.
  • Designed with a larger accumulator for accommodating generous refrigerant amounts.
  • The extended, high volume oil pump in conjunction with a larger capacity oil reservoir provides superior lubrication.
  • A special Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating applied to the Vane greatly enhances the durability and life of the compressor mechanism.

Specs Applications:

  • Voltage: 115V, 60Hz, 11.2 Amps
  • Refrigerant: R-22
  • Evaporating Temp. Range: -15 to 12°C / 5 to 53.6°F
  • Condensing Temp: 65°C / 149°F
  • Return Gas Temp: 35°C / 95°F
  • Discharge Temp: 115°C / 239°F
  • Capacity: 13,315 Btu/h
  • Displacement: 19.1 cc/rev


Rotary Air Condtioner Compressor 2P20S3R126B1A Spec Sheet

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Brand Panasonic (Matsushita)
Weight 42 lbs

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