Muscle Coalescer and Tramp Oil Separator

Machine Coolant Muscle Coalescer

Muscle Coalescer and Tramp Oil Separator


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Removes tramp oil and circulates sump

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The Muscle Coalescer and tramp oil separator are recommended for use on individual sumps that operates continuously. Tramp oil is removed and the sump circulates even if the machine’s pump is off. Sump circulation is the key to preventing excessive bacterial growth. The unwanted bacteria growth will break down your coolant and create other problems for your production process.

Dirty coolant is pulled from your sump surface into the coalescing tank. The oleophilic (oil-attracting) coalescing media gathers tiny oil droplets that are too tiny to rise to the surface on their own. The surface area of the media collects them until the oil droplets become large enough to float. The muscle coalescer then removes all oils that have floated to the top within 10 minutes. Clean coolant is then returned from the bottom of the tank back to your sump using gravity.

Contact us online or call to have a specialist provide you with more information about our selection of muscle coalescers and tramp oil separators.

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  • Customizable: Buy only what you need. Extra hose? Certain attachments? No problem.
  • Improved Sumpster: Smaller, more precise, and allows less coolant to enter from the seams.
  • Coalescing Media: Increases surface area 5-fold enabling emulsified oils to separate faster.
  • Improved IODS: The new design on our Internal Oil Discharge Skimmer dispenses virtually no coolant.
  • Separate Aeration: We reduce the chance of barrel contamination by aeration with an Oxygenator.
  • Particle Filtration: Our model is the only unit that can work with a filter bag! It removes coolant-degrading metals such as cast iron and aluminum (model F15DF only).
  • Drum Dolly Option: Allows easy barrel maneuverability during routine maintenance.
  • Leak-Proof Fittings:  Our fittings are welded to the barrel so your shop floor stays clean. Other brands use leaky compression gaskets.
  • Durable Hoses: No cheap clear vinyl hoses here, we use premium spiral- wound and braided hoses that resist kinking and crushing!
  • Easy-to-Empty: A built-in siphon system empties the entire barrel in minutes. Other brands are more difficult to clean.

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