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Machine Coolant Filter


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Cleans coolant by filtering it through layers of high-purity copper/zinc wool

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FRS Cartridge Filter

Filtering your coolant during production processes will result in a much longer life for both the coolant and machine tool. It has been shown in multiple tests that coolant can last six months while still functioning at optimal levels with the addition of a coolant filtration system.

FRS cartridge filters clean coolant by filtering it through layers of high-purity copper/zinc wool that are located inside its perforated tube. The FRS element electrochemically reduces bacteria and other microorganisms that can infect coolants as it filters out swarf and other contaminants.

The FRS cartridge is capable of filtering out particles 20 microns or larger. For more information on which filtration system is best for your machine coolant application based on the size of the machine tool and type of machining contact one of the knowledgeable specialists at ISC Sales today.

Download – FRS Cartridge Filter for Machine Coolants Brochure

A Clear and Clean Solution to Coolant & Process Water Management

  • Eliminates chemical additives
  • Prevents skin rashes
  • Kills bacteria and algae
  • Lengthens coolant and process water life
  • Systems are portable or fixed
  • Extends tool life up to six times
  • Ends rancid “Monday morning stink”
  • Improves part finish
  • Eliminates coolant or rinse water waste
  • Captures heavy chips, fines and soluble metals
  • Avoids costly waste disposal
  • Applicable for Wash Tanks and Process Water
  • Reduces new coolant purchases
  • De-scales process equipment

ISC also carries additional application-oriented products for use in your shop or plant.

  • Coalescers (fixed and portable) for
  • Skimmers for tramp oil removal oil and coolant separation
  • Two-way drum pumps
  • Sump vacs for chips and sludge
  • Particle removal filtration
  • Liquid spill clean up
  • Coolant mixers
  • Coolant evaporators
  • Compressed air powered cold air
  • PH Testers
  • Guns for spot cooling

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