JORC 1/2″ Inlet Smart Guard Zero Air Loss Condensate Drain 115 VAC NC

JORC 1/2″ Inlet Smart Guard Zero Air Loss Condensate Drain 115 VAC NC


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Item # 3623-A2 AKA # 3623 U2 Brand: JORC


Jorc Smart Guard Auto Drain is a Compact, Zero Air-Loss Electronically Operated Level Sensed Condensate Drain – 115 VAC, 1/2 Inch Inlet with Normally Closed Alarm

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SKU: 3623-A2
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The Smart Guard is a compact electronically operated level sensed condensate drain that offers a zero air-loss solution during the condensate discharge cycle.

The Smart Guard is cost effective and offers a rapid pay-back period due to a competitive pricing level, low stocking cost, zero air-loss and energy saving. aspects.

The Smart Guard can be installed in all compressed air system components up to 3000 CFM regardless size and climate zone – Only 1 model needed.

The new and improved design, the robust industrial housing, the alarm feature and the 2/2 way direct acting valve assembly make the Smart Guard a reliable solution for all compressed air system applications.


  • Commercial Benefits:
    • Competitive compact zero air-loss draining solution
    • Sensing technology saves air, energy and money
    • No sizing charts required
    • Special module color available for private label purposes
    • Operating pressure up to 230 PSI
  • Technical Advantages:
    • Alarm function (NO or NC) as a standard
    • Successful draining of condensate due to large orifice
    • Easy installation
    • Visual display of operating status
    • Integrated strainer
    • Direct acting valve assembly, ensuring reliable discharge
    • Robust aluminium housing

Specs Applications


  • Maximum compressor capacity:3000 scfm
  • Min./max. system pressure:0 psi / 230 psi
  • Valve type:2/2 way, direct acting
  • Valve orifice:4.5 mm
  • Valve seals:FPM
  • Inlet connection:1/2″ NPT
  • Outlet connection:1/4″ NPT
  • Inlet height:4.49″ (top) and 0.59″ & 2.95″ (side)
  • Minimum medium temperature:34 F
  • Maximum medium temperature:122 F
  • Supply voltage options:230VAC / 115VAC;24VAC / 24VDC
  • Connectors:DIN 43650-B
  • Serviceable valve:Yes
  • TEST feature:Yes
  • Environmental protection:IP65 (NEMA4)
  • Integrated mesh strainer:Yes
  • Alarm contact options:Alarm Normally Closed (NC ) / Alarm Normally Open (NO)

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Also Known As

3623 U2

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