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EZ-Drain Pneumatic Zero-Loss Drain – Requires No External Power

EZ-Drain Pneumatic Zero-Loss Drain – Requires No External Power


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Item # EZ-12 Brand: ASP


Fully automatic plug and play design, requires no external power utility.

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Condensate enters the drain through one of two inlet connections. A stainless steel float is attached to a lever arm. Attached to the other side of the lever arm is a filter protected poppet assembly.

As condensate is collected and the translucent reservoir fills, a stainless steel float mechanism rises. When the condensate reaches a design level, the float mechanism actuates a poppet assembly. The poppet assembly directs control air to the valve actuator, which in turn opens a full-port drain valve.

Condensation will then exit the unit. As the float drops and the poppet seal closes the control air line and the valve actuator closes the ball valve. The drain is now ready to accept condensate again.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Easy to install Plug and Play Design
  • Fully Pneumatic, no external power required
  • Vertical compact design, can be installed in tight spaces
  • Non clogging No strainers to clean
  • Translucent reservoir to easily check on condensate level.
  • Isolated trigger assembly, preventing air loss
  • Full port ball valve provides rapid discharge and avoids pluggage by contaminants
  • Versatile for many applications Can be used for aftercoolers, receivers, dryers, filters, or drip legs
  • Operating Temp: 92 – 356 F
  • Power: No external power required



Additional information

Weight 8 lbs

0 – 200 PSI


(2) 1/2" NPT


3/8" NPT

Operating Temp

92 – 356F


12 oz / cycle


No external power required

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