UltraTech 4005 Ever Dry – Top Coat, 5 Gallons

Item # 4005 Brand: UltraTech

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This product has been discontinued.

Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic (water) and oleophobic (hydrocarbons) coating that will completely repel almost any liquid.

  • Ultra-Ever Dry uses proprietary nanotechnology to coat an object and create a barrier of air on its surface. This barrier repels water, refined oil, wet concrete, and other liquids unlike any other coating.
  • Storage Temp: 40-115°F (4 – 46°C)
  • How to apply it: Ultra-Ever Dry is sprayed on using a variety of air powered sprayers. UltraTech offers the Ultra-Mini Sprayer
    and Ultra-Power Sprayer, but other sprayers can be used for specific applications. NOTE: Both parts (top and bottom coat) are required for all applications of Ultra-Ever Dry.


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Brand UltraTech
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