Aerologic UVC Air Duct Disinfection – One Lamp, Residential Use

Aerologic UVC Air Duct Disinfection – One Lamp, Residential Use


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Item # Aero-8-44 Brand: Atlantic Ultraviolet


Lightweight, Anodized Aluminum

Made in USA
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The AeroLogic One Lamp Air Duct Disinfection System is used in an HVAC system for reduction and/or elimination of the growth of bacteria, mold and spores, and to help control the spread of airborne cold, flu virus, and other airborne transmitted diseases.

Designed for use in residential applications, the AeroLogic One Lamp Air Duct Model is constructed of lightweight, anodized aluminum alloy. The anodized aluminum alloy offers an increased surface hardness, for durability, and corrosion resistance similar to that of stainless steel. This rugged construction along with a water-resistant power cord, rated for indoor/ outdoor use, and liquid-tight cord grip all work to form a drip-proof assembly.


Additional information

Item Type

UVC Air Duct Disinfection


120v 50/60 Hz, 230V 50/60 Hz

Lamp Quantity



Anodized aluminum

UV Output

10.4W, 11W, 15W, 2.7W, 21W, 4W, 5.8W, 7.3W, 8.5W, 8W

Aero-8-120VVoltage: 120v 50/60 HzUV Output: 2.7W
Aero-8-230VVoltage: 230V 50/60 HzUV Output: 2.7W
Aero-44-120VVoltage: 120v 50/60 HzUV Output: 21W
Aero-44-230VVoltage: 230V 50/60 HzUV Output: 21W
Aero-32-120VVoltage: 120v 50/60 HzUV Output: 15W
Aero-32-230VVoltage: 230V 50/60 HzUV Output: 15W
Aero-26-120VVoltage: 120v 50/60 HzUV Output: 11W
Aero-26-230VVoltage: 230V 50/60 HzUV Output: 11W
Aero-24-120VVoltage: 120v 50/60 HzUV Output: 10.4W
Aero-24-230VVoltage: 230V 50/60 HzUV Output: 10.4W
Aero-20-120VVoltage: 120v 50/60 HzUV Output: 8.5W
Aero-20-230VVoltage: 230V 50/60 HzUV Output: 8.5W
Aero-18-120VVoltage: 120v 50/60 HzUV Output: 8W
Aero-18-230VVoltage: 230V 50/60 HzUV Output: 8W
Aero-16-120VVoltage: 120v 50/60 HzUV Output: 7.3W
Aero-16-230VVoltage: 230V 50/60 HzUV Output: 7.3W
Aero-14-120VVoltage: 120v 50/60 HzUV Output: 5.8W
Aero-14-230VVoltage: 230V 50/60 HzUV Output: 5.8W
Aero-12-120VVoltage: 120v 50/60 HzUV Output: 4W
Aero-12-230VVoltage: 230V 50/60 HzUV Output: 4W
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