TPI HF686TC Portable Heater – Fan forced, 5600W, 240V, 680 Series

Item # HF686TC AKA # 4463002 UPC # 0686334446303 Brand: TPI



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Swivel base allows unit to be wall, floor, or ceiling mounted

  • Operates on 240V or 208V
  • Finned steel tubular heating element
  • Internal manual reset
    thermal cut-out
  • 6′ long cord with molded plug
  • Temperature control thermostat
    with 60°F-110°F range
  • 10′ air throw – 262 CFM
  • Imported to TPI Corporation specifications

Additional information

Brand TPI
Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 18 × 12 in
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13 reviews for TPI HF686TC Portable Heater – Fan forced, 5600W, 240V, 680 Series

  1. Damian (verified buyer)

    I was looking for a heater for my new garage. It has been so great to have because it’s winter now and it is working perfectly! The quick warm up time really helps to heat the place up quickly, which is perfect since I don’t have the best insulation in there.

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  2. Evan M (verified buyer)

    I love this heater. It is also very affordable so it makes it a great choice for someone who is on a budget

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  3. Lee Anne (verified buyer)

    This heater is nothing special. It’s just an ordinary heater that does its job.

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  4. Rabid (verified buyer)

    This is a great heater! I was looking for something to heat my garage and this works great.

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  5. Sawyer (verified buyer)

    I bought this for my garage and it has been working great. I was looking for a heater that would keep the pipes from freezing. The only complaint I have is that the thermostatic control is difficult to set with any accuracy.

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  6. Rowan (verified buyer)

    It is a fantastic choice for anyone who needs to heat up a small space. It’s perfect for garages and workshops. I received the item in 4 days.

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  7. Peter (verified buyer)

    The TPI HF686TC Portable Heater is a solid option for anyone looking for a small, efficient heater.

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  8. Roman J (verified buyer)

    It’s really quiet, attractive, portable, unobtrusive and has a stand for when you want to put it on the floor or table. Found a good price here and I received the item in 5 days.

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  9. BWM (verified buyer)

    Perfect heater for any home. It is small and compact so it can be easily moved from room to room, and it has a stand so it can sit on the floor without taking up too much space.

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  10. Jace (verified buyer)

    The product has been working great so far, so I expect it to last me for a long time!

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  11. Kristine B (verified buyer)

    This is an excellent heater! It’s well made and seems like it will last a long time. It puts out a lot of heat for its size and it’s really easy to use.

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  12. Jordan (verified buyer)

    I had been looking for a heater for my garage because it can get so cold in the winter. With this product, I’m able to keep it warm and comfortable.

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  13. Mandee (verified buyer)

    I love this heater! I just installed it in my garage and it is so impressive. It heats up the whole space quickly and evenly.

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