30A Twist-Lock Plug (NEMA L14-30) for Winco Generators

30A Twist-Lock Plug (NEMA L14-30) for Winco Generators

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Item # 64492-000 Brand: Winco

$30.00 $26.99

Winco 30A Twist-Lock Plug (NEMA L14-30) – Enables You to Run Power from Your Portable Generator into a Transfer Switch or Distribution Box.

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The 30 amp twist-lock plug is perfecting for running power into a transfer switch or other distribution box. The cord is sourced locally and specifications should be determined by a competent electrician taking distance, load, and other environmental factors into account.

*Please note full model and part number of the generator these accessories are to be used with in the “Special Instructions” section during checkout, as some older models may not work with these accessories.

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