HLA Series Hazardous Location Fan Forced Unit HeaterHLA Series Hazardous Location Fan Forced Unit Heater

Fan-forced suspended unit heaters 3-25 Kw for T-3B Class I, Group C & D, Division 1 & 2 and Class II, Groups E, F & G, Divisions 1 & 2.

Features and Specifications

  • Designed for rugged industrial applications in hazardous locations where the possibility of explosion or fire exists due to the presence of certain flammable gases, vapors, powdered metals or dust.
  • Permanently sealed, liquid to air, finned tube heat exchanger core.
  • Ethylene Glycol to water mixture used as a heat transfer fluid in the heater core, providing -45° C. (-49° F) freeze damage protection.
  • High-performance electric motor driven fan blows air across finned tubes to effect uniform heat transfer and area heat distribution.
  • Manual Reset capillary type limit provides high temperature regulation and is rated for 6,000 cycles of service.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum pressure relief valve for overpressure.
  • A back-up contactor is included for additional protection.
  • 14 gauge steel cabinet powder coated epoxy paint finish contains heater core, motor, and fan assembly.
  • Narrow gap safety fan guard shields all moving parts.
  • Adjustable louvers allow directional control of air.
  • Copper conductor wires enclosed in rigid metal conduits carry all electrical power.
  • Box lugs furnished for field connections within approved enclosure.
  • Made in U.S.A.
ModelKwBTUHVoltsPhaseAMPsTemp Rise (°F)Air ThrowWeight (lbs)
HLA 12-208160-3.0-24310,250208116.316.524'167
HLA 12-208360-3.0-24310,25020839.816.524'167
HLA 12-240160-3.0-24310,250240114.816.524'167
HLA 12-240360-3.0-24310,25024038.616.524'167
HLA 12-480360-3.0-24310,25048034.316.524'167
HLA 12-208160-5.0-24517,10020812627.624'167
HLA 12-208360-5.0-24517,100208315.427.624'167
HLA 12-240160-5.0-24517,100240123.127.624'167
HLA 12-240360-5.0-24517,100240313.427.624'167
HLA 12-480360-5.0-24517,10048036.727.624'167
HLA 12-208160-7.5-247.525,60020813841.424'167
HLA 12-208360-7.5-247.525,600208322.341.424'167
HLA 12-240160-7.5-247.525,600240133.641.424'167
HLA 12-240360-7.5-247.525,600240319.441.424'167
HLA 12-480360-7.5-247.525,60048039.741.424'167
ModelKwBTUHVoltsPhaseAMPsTemp Rise (°F)Air ThrowWeight (lbs)
HLA 16-208360-10.0-241034,150208329.321.740'193
HLA 16-240160-10.0-241034,15024014421.740'193
HLA 16-240360-10.0-241034,150240325.521.740'193
HLA 16-480360-10.0-241034,150480312.721.740'193
ModelKwBTUHVoltsPhaseAMPsTemp Rise (°F)Air ThrowWeight (lbs)
HLA 20-208360-15.0-241551,200208343.519.243'193
HLA 20-240360-15.0-241551,200240338.119.243'193
HLA 20-480360-15.0-241551,20048031919.243'193
HLA 20-600360-15.0-241551,200600315.219.243'193
HLA 20-480360-20.0-242068,300480325.126.243'225
HLA 20-600360-20.0-242068,30060032026.243'225
HLA 20-480360-25.0-242585,400480331.132.843'225
HLA 20-600360-25.0-242585,400600324.932.843'225

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