Hazardous Location Vortex AC

Hazardous Location Vortex AC

Hazardous Location (HazLoc) duty vortex AC coolers are designed specifically for purged electrical enclosures in Class I Div 2 Groups A, B, C, and D;  Class II Div 2, Groups F and G;  and Class III locations.

They can effectively keep temperatures in the right range to avoid common problems with electrical components associated with heat loads, even in the most extreme environments.

Using an integrated mechanical thermostat, HazLoc Vortex AC’s can sense acceptable enclosure temperatures and when the enclosure is within the right temperature range the vortex AC’s integrated check valve seals off the cold air outlet. This allows the purge system to maintain the requisite pressure to block gases, vapors, dust, fibers, and contaminants from penetrating the enclosure, while the unit is not in cooling mode.

The HazLoc Vortex A/C is specifically designed for simple installation and flexible mounting. Neither its mounting position or cold air ducting is limited by the check valve’s design.


  • No maintenance required
  • Very easy and quick top or side mount installation, with no wiring, no electricity
  • Extremely reliable
  • Very quiet, 62 dBA operation
  • Integral mechanical thermostat maintains 80° to 90° F temperatures
  • 10-year warranty
  • Operates in environments up to 175° F (80°C)

Download – Vortex Air Conditioner HazLoc Brochure
Download – Vortex Sizing Sheet

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