TFS Series Engraving and laser marking without pollutant loadTFS Series

TFS Series are Plug-and-Play Fume Extractors and Dust Collectors, perfect for applications involving:

  • Laser technology
  • Soldering
  • Electronics
  • Welding / Grinding / Cutting
  • Plastics processing
  • Technical Glass
  • Textile Processing
  • Transferring Materials

The TFS Series system is used in the field of laser marking. It can also be used for laser engraving and other medium or high dust applications. In the integrated SafeLine filter, heavy particles can settle at the bottom without polluting the filter surface. This leads to an enormous increase in the filter surface and at the same time optimum flow of the filter packages. The SafeLine filter is also housed in a case that can be closed during an exchange and is therefore low in contamination. The differentiated monitoring between the SafeLine and particle filters simplifies the planning of maintenance since any errors can be specifically assigned.

TFS Series

ModelEngineWeight (lbs)Height (ft)Width (ft)Depth (ft)Safeline Filter (F9)Particle Filter (H14)Activated carbon/BAC filter

TFS Series

ModelEngineWeight (lbs)Height (ft)Width (ft)Depth (ft)Safeline Filter (F9)Particle Filter (H14)Activated carbon/BAC filter

Features and Functions

  • Tool-less filter change (fast and smooth)
  • Special Filter Concept (Simple handling and increased runtime)
  • Captures any harmful particles
  • Control Elements (Easy to Understand and Use)
  • Permanently full Control of the System
  • Powerful Engine
    • Electronically commutated engines for full performance and less energy consumption.
    • Brushless Motor
  • Especially developed according to ATEX guidelines for the extraction of explosive dusts (zone 21 + 22). The systems are suitable for gases of Zone 2 and offer optimal health protection and safety.
  • Made in Germany

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