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GCOS Series Oil / Water Condensate Separator

The GCOS system was developed to effectively separate the oil out of condensate that forms from a compressed air system by using a poly-element type filter. Different types of poly-elements with proprietary chemicals are available to treat ATF, Poly-glycol coolant and silicones.

A carbon filter is also utilized to remove any final traces of oil down to 10 PPM, then condensate is treated and the clean condensate is drained. The filter life is directly linked to how much oil exists in the system, more oil means more frequent filter changes.

Air compressors can produce considerable amounts of oil-contaminated condensate. The oil can’t be discharged directly into open drains, public sewers or natural watercourses. Request a quote online or call ISC Sales today to be connected directly to a compressed air specialist that can help you to find the right system that will comply with your local environmental regulations for the disposing of oils. 

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GCOSGCOS Advantages:

  • Effectively removes petroleum, mineral and synthetic oils.
  • No energy required / fully automatic operation.
  • Oversized filter elements for long element life.
  • Two Separate inlets for multiple drains.
  • Will handle thick, sludgy condensate.
  • Operational with all models of drains and compressors.
  • No stagnant water to cause bacteria build-up.
  • No overflow! Minimal maintenance is required.
  • Test outlet for easy testing.

Available Models

ModelCapacity (CFM)Oil TypesInletOutletDimensions
H x W x D
Oil Holding
GCOS-6565Mineral Oils1/2”, 3/8”, 1/4”1/2” hose connection23.64” x 10” x 10”25 Lbs1 Gallon
GCOS-125-S125Mineral & Synthetics(2) 1/2”1/2”26.2” x 27.5” x 12”30 Lbs.6.5 Quarts
GCOS-125-P125Polyglycol(2) 1/2”1/2”26.2” x 27.5” x 12”30 Lbs.6.5 Quarts
GCOS-300-S300Mineral & Synthetics(2) 1/2”1/2”26.2” x 27.5” x 12”30 Lbs.6.5 Quarts
GCOS-300-P300Polyglycol(2) 1/2”1/2”26.2” x 27.5” x 12”30 Lbs.6.5 Quarts
GCOS-750-S750Mineral & Synthetics(2) 1/2”1/2”32” x 40” x 13.5”50 Lbs.14 Quarts
GCOS-750-P750Polyglycol(2) 1/2”1/2”32” x 40” x 13.5”50 Lbs.14 Quarts
GCOS-1250-S1250Mineral & Synthetics(4) 1/2“1/2”43.5” x 42” x 17”106 Lbs.23 Quarts
GCOS-1250-P1250Polyglycol(4) 1/2“1/2”43.5” x 42” x 17”106 Lbs.23 Quarts
GCOS-1500-S1500Mineral & Synthetics(2) 1/2”1/2”34.5” x 75” x 16”**135 Lbs.24 Quarts
GCOS-1500-P1500Polyglycol(2) 1/2”1/2”34.5” x 75” x 16”**135 Lbs.24 Quarts
GCOS-2500-S2500Mineral & Synthetics(4) 1/2“1/2”43.5” x 75” x 17”**195 Lbs32 Quarts
GCOS-2500-P2500Polyglycol(4) 1/2“1/2”43.5” x 75” x 17” **195 Lbs32 Quarts

*Approx. capacity of primary element. Charcoal element is not included in the estimate.

** Dimension given for liner installation. The GCOS 1500 & 2500 models utilize a (3) three tower modular design, the third tower can be installed in two different configurations for limited space applications.

Separator ModelLubricant TypeQty.vPrimary Filter ElementQty.Secondary Filter Element

All GCOS models can accept condensate discharge from intelligent drains, timer drains, float drains and manual drains. Additional condensate can also be manually added.


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