AccuDrain Automatic Condensate Drain

Electric Operated Condensate Drain

The Accu Drain is the industries best condensate drain. This fully automatic drain features zero air loss, saving energy for a fast return on investment. The drain is designed to close before any air-loss can occur, therefore, the condensation can be “pumped” to an elevated location. No air-loss also eliminates the noise associated with timer drains that stay open too long.

The Accu-Drain’s design makes the condensate drain ideal for systems that have oil recovery devices. These oil recovery devices (Oil/Water Condensate Separators) operate at peak performance when the incoming condensation is not agitated by a blast of compressed air that often occurs with the use of timed solenoid drains. The Accu-Drain uses a unique, straight through flow, non-clogging solenoid valve that was designed exclusively for draining compressed air systems. This eliminates the frequent failure of diaphragm valves that easily clog with small amounts of particulate.

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Features:AccuDrain Automatic Condensate Drain

  • Zero Air Loss
  • Non clogging
  • Straight-Thru Flow POSI-VALVE design solenoid valve
  • Compact design
  • Translucent reservoir
  • Indicator lights
  • Multiple Sizes


  • Energy efficient
  • Passes rust and scale that would foul other solenoid valves – no strainers to clean
  • Can be installed in a tight space
  • Easy-to-see condensate level. “Quick check”
  • Easy to see status of drain
  • Sized for your needs

How It Works

Condensate enters the drain through one of two inlet connections. As condensate is collected and the translucent reservoir fills, a stainless steel level switch rises. When the condensate reaches a design level, the level switch sends a signal to the straight flow posi valve, which in turn opens a full-port drain.

When installed, a light indicates power is being supplied to the drain. A second light indicates when the valve has been actuated by the float switch. An override switch is provided for manual operation of the drain.


Inlets(2) 1/2" NPT3/4" & 1/2" NPT
Outlet1/4" NPT1/4" NPT
Compressor Capacity450 CFM1125 CFM
Dryer Capacity900 CFM2250 CFM
Filter Capacity2700 CFM6750 CFM
Pressure0 to 200 PSI0 to 200 PSI
Operating Temperature35° to 180°F35° to 180°F
Weight5 lbs10 lbs
Discharge8 ounces per cycle21 ounces per cycle
Voltage115 - includes 6' power cord115 - includes 6' power cord


ReservoirAluminum and Composite
ValveTeflon Coated
FloatStainless Steel
SeatStainless Steel

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