Energy Saving Nozzles

Vortec engineered blow-off nozzles significantly reduce compressed air consumption and noise, compared to open nozzle jets. Using proven amplification technology, the nozzles entrain and accelerate free surrounding air, resulting in airflow volume up to 25 times more than the volume of compressed air, giving 25 times the blow off capacity at a significantly reduced energy usage and operating costs. These nozzles also reduce noise levels by as much as 60 percent.

Blow-off nozzles are capable of replacing open copper tubes, flex-line, drilled pipe and other nozzles that are not designed to save air. They are available in a full range of designs, materials of construction, sizes and force/thrust levels compatible with most installations.

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Reduce your operating costs significantly.

  • Lowers operating costs and saves energy
  • Helps meet OSHA noise specifications
  • Meets OSHA dead-end pressure specifications
  • Wide range of styles and thrust performance
  • Patented design amplifies air
  • Big savings when replacing open copper tube jets


Vortec Model 1201 Nozzle 1/4” X 1’ Length Copper Tube
Air Consumption:9 SCFM42 SCFM
Annual operating cost/8 hour shift:$324$1,512
Annual cost savings:$1,188

Available Models

ModelItem NameThrust (Power) at 12 inAir ConsumptionInletSpec Sheet
1200Durablast Lifetime Nozzle/Aluminum (bag of 5)3 to 21 oz.8-26 SCFM1/8 NPT (M)PDF
1200SSDurablast Lifetime Nozzle/Stainless Steel (bag of 5)3 to 21 oz.8-26 SCFM1/8 NPT (M)PDF
1201Air Nozzle mounted on 1/4 Copper Tube (bag of 5)6 oz.9 SCFMN/APDF
1201F-12Air Nozzle mounted on 3/8 Flexible Shaft (bag of 5)6 oz.9 SCFM1/8 NPT (M)PDF
1202Air Nozzle mounted on 1/4 Copper Tube (bag of 5)20 oz.23 SCFMN/APDF
1203Air Nozzle mounted on 3/8 Copper Tube (bag of 5)9 oz.13 SCFMN/APDF
1204Air Nozzle mounted on 1/2 Flexible Shaft (bag of 5)9 oz.13 SCFM1/8 NPT (M)PDF
1205Air Nozzle mounted on 3/8 Copper Tube (bag of 5)28 oz.31 SCFMN/APDF
1206Air Nozzle mounted on 11/16 Flexible Shaft (bag of 5)28 oz.31 SCFM1/4 NPT (M)PDF
1220Max. Thrust Nozzle72 oz.120 SCFM1/8 NPT (M)PDF
9401Blow Gun with adjustable 1200 Nozzle Tip3 to 21 oz.8-26 SCFM1/4 NPT (M)PDF

Airstream Size

ModelsNozzle12" From Nozzle
1200, 1200SS, 94015/8″ (16mm)3-1/2″ (89mm)
1201, 1202, 1201F-123/16″ (5mm)3-1/4″ (82mm)
1203, 1204, 1205, 12061/4″ (6mm)3 1/4″ (82mm)

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