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Nano D5 Heatless Twin Tower Compressed Air Dryers

Heatless Twin Tower Compressed Air DryerThe advanced D5 heatless desiccant dryer combines reliable components and a cost-effective design with 21st century PLC controls and a digital interface.

In a twin tower desiccant compressed air dryer, one tower is on-line drying the compressed air, while the other is off-line regenerating. This means it is eliminating the water vapor it has collected so that it can be used to dry again. The two towers switch back and forth so one is always drying while the other is regenerating.

All Nano D5 twin tower desiccant compressed air dryers remove unwanted moisture and particulates from compressed air. Click the "Get a Quote" button or contact a specialist at ISC Sales today for more information on Nano compressed air dryers.


  • Flexible and functional
  • Unique features
  • High-quality construction
  • Cost-effective design

Specifications & Operating Parameters

Download Spec Sheet For Available Models

Maximum particle sizeclass 2 (1 micron) / optional: class 1 (0.01 micron)
Maximum water contentclass 2 (-40°F pdp) / optional: class 1 (-94°F) & class 3 (-4°F)
Design operating pressure range50 to 150 psig / 80 to 150 psig / 58 to 250 psig / Depending on  model or options
Recommended operating temp range40 to 100°F
Design operating temperature range35 to 120°F
Power supply requirements120 VAC/ 60 - Hz 460 VAC / 60 Hz/ depending on model
Modelinlet & outletSCFMNm3/hLength (in)Width (in)Depth (in)Weight (lbs)
NHL 2001"200340332484650
NHL 2501 ½"250425392487810
NHL 3001 ½"300510392487810
NHL 4002"4006804526851020
NHL 5002"5008504526851210
NHL 6002"60010204526851230
NHL 8003"80013606640932800
NHL 10003"100017006640933250
NHL 12503"125021257040934400
NHL 15003"150025507040934700
NHL 20004"200034007640974900
NHL 25004"2500425093501095600
NHL 30004"3000510093501098100

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