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Your Comprehensive Guide to Winco Generators

Why Winco Generators?

Winco specializes in durable and efficient generators. The company has been making high-quality generators in the USA since 1927. Winco Generators are popular for backup power during power outages, construction sites, outdoor events, camping, RVs, and other situations where reliable power supply is crucial.

As a Winco distributor, ISC Sales offers a variety of generators, including portable generators, vehicle-mounted generators, commercial and residential standby generators, and PTO and two-bearing generators. Transfer switches are also available to connect your generator to a main power source for a home or business.

Some excellent Winco generator features include:

Honda Engine — Honda engines come with increased adaptability, quieter operation, and fuel efficiency. With improved fuel efficiency and emissions standards, low noise levels, and reduced vibration, these engines cannot be beaten.

Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Engine — The best engine money can buy, Vanguard engines are robust, dependable, and easy to maintain. Balance, low vibration, lower emissions, improved valve life, better fuel economy, and a higher HP/weight are all benefits of the engine’s overhead valve (OHV) technology.

Low Oil Protection — Low oil levels will cause the engine to shut off, preventing damage to the engine.

Powder Coat Paint — Winco generators use steel support with an extremely strong finish.

100% Load Tested — At Winco, statistical sampling is not available. Before a generator leaves a Winco facility, it is load tested.

Made in the USA — Every Winco generator you buy comes from Winco’s facility in Minnesota.

Keep reading to learn more about the wide variety of great generators ISC Sales has to offer.

Generator Specifications


Generators are rated by the amount of power they produce, measured in watts. 1,000 watts equals 1 kilowatt (kW). Kilowatts measure the rate at which energy is transferred or used. The higher the kW of a generator, the more items you can power up. Winco generator watts range from 2.4 kW to 600 kW.


Single-phase (1Ph) — Often used in residential and small-scale commercial applications, single-phase power is a two-wire alternating current (AC) electrical system. A single-phase system uses a single voltage waveform that alternates in polarity.

Three-phase (3Ph) — Three-phase power works well in industrial settings, where greater power is needed to drive motorized machinery. A three-phase system generates three independent waves of power that are delivered one after the other. Three-phase generators produce 180% more power than single-phase generators because of the constant, uninterrupted flow of power they provide.

Running Voltage

Running voltage is the difference in electrical potential between two points. In the context of generators, running voltage is the stable voltage output provided by the generator when it is running and supplying power to connected devices. Generator voltages include 120V, 120/208V, 120/240V, 132/230V, 277/480V, and 346/600V.

Rotations Per Minute

Rotations per minute (RPM) affects the generator’s power output and performance characteristics, such as fuel consumption and noise levels. Adhere to the optimal operating RPM for best performance and longevity. ISC offers Winco generators with 540 and 1000 RPM.


Fuels used for generators include gas, diesel, natural gas, and liquid propane. The kind of fuel used depends on the generator’s function. For instance, external fuel sources, such as diesel or natural gas, fuel commercial backup generators.

Portable Generators

As a proud portable generator dealer for Winco, ISC Sales has the best portable generator for you. Whether you want to power your home, farm, construction site, or business, ISC Sales has got you covered with portable generators that provide steady power and performance.

How does a portable generator work?

Portable generators provide electricity by running a gas-powered engine (in this case, a Honda or Briggs and Stratton engine) that turns an on-board alternator to generate electrical power. In general, the more powerful the generator, the more power outlet combinations are available.

Quick to set up and easy to transport, portable generators are great for both recreational and emergency use. Compared to larger standby generators or installing a permanent backup power system, portable generators are generally more cost-effective. They offer a lower upfront cost and can be used as a temporary solution when backup power is needed intermittently.

Winco portable generators come in 3 kW to 22 kW. They may be fueled by gas, diesel, natural gas, or liquid propane. Portable generator voltages include 120/208V, 120/240V, 132/230V, and 277/480V. Accessories available for portable generators include lifting hooks, generator covers, and autostart conversion kits.

What size portable generator do I need?

Use this tool to select the best portable generator:

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Where will you be using your portable generator?

Vehicle-Mounted Portable Generators

Our Winco EC variants are an excellent unit to add to cars, trucks, and trailers. Vehicle-mounted generators are advantageous for anyone in need of on-site power, such as contractors, mobile service technicians, or event organizers. They provide a convenient and mobile source of electrical power for construction sites, emergency response, and remote locations.

Unique premium features of vehicle-mounted portable generators include:

  • Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engine — great for powering hardworking machinery
  • Vacuum Fuel Pump — The EC18000 has a 2 feet fuel lift capacity, while the EC22000 series has a 30 inch fuel lift capacity
  • Lowers costs and weight compared to liquid-cooled variants

Vehicle-mounted generators tap into the vehicle’s fuel tank, eliminating emissions and the need for separate fuel storage. As long as the vehicle is running, the vehicle-mounted generator has a continuous power supply. Plus, vehicle-mounted generators benefit from the vehicle’s built-in noise reduction.

Winco portable truck mounted generators come in 18 kW and 22 kW and are fueled by gas. Voltages for these generators are 120/208V, 120/240V, and 277/480V. Additionally, portable vehicle-mounted generators are available in 1Ph and 3Ph.

Commercial Standby Generators

Standby generators, or backup generators, do more than just keep the lights on — they maintain safe working environments, protect data, and prevent financial losses. These generators automatically restore electricity to key circuits or electrical systems in the event of a storm or natural disaster to ensure uninterrupted operation of crucial systems. 

Winco’s commercial standby generators meet the demands of large-scale operations, such as office buildings, hospitals, data centers, manufacturing facilities, and retail establishments. They support critical systems, including HVAC systems, lighting, security systems, refrigeration, and communication networks.

The most frequent combination of a commercial generator with an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) causes the standby generator to start up within seconds following a power loss. This switch monitors the incoming utility power and automatically switches the electrical load from the utility power to the generator power during an outage. ATS prevents power from being back fed to the grid, which is a major safety benefit.

One great feature of Winco commercial generators is the generator’s three cooling intakes, which provide exceptional air flow and reduced heat soak.

Commercial sales models are available from 8 kW to 600 kW. Fuels used for commercial standby generators include natural gas and liquid propane. Voltages for commercial standby generators include 120/208V, 120/240V, 277/480V, and 346/600V. Accessories include engine oil heaters, gallon tanks, and trailers, maintenance kit, and remote controls.

Residential Standby Generators

In addition to Winco commercial generators, ISC Sales offers both Winco and Kohler residential standby generator models. These home standby generators are powerful enough to handle most appliances in smaller homes and critical items in larger homes to prevent lost power in the case of an outage.

Like commercial standby generators, Winco residential standby generators rely on an ATS for instant power generation. Many models feature sound-attenuating enclosures or other noise-reduction technologies to keep noise levels at a minimum in your neighborhood.

Plus, residential generators increase your home value, as generators are an attractive feature for potential buyers who value reliable backup power and preparedness from emergencies.

When purchasing a residential generator, homeowners should review their power needs and talk to professionals to figure out what size generator works for them. Compliance with any local codes or regulations is important to your safety.

Winco home standby generators are available from 8 kW to 17 kW and run on either liquid propane or natural gas. In addition, residential generators are available in 120/240V. Accessories include engine oil heaters, gallon tanks, trailers, maintenance kit, and remote controls.

PTO Generators

A power take-off (PTO) generator generates energy using another power source, such as a running combustion engine. PTO driven generators are portable and of great help in the agriculture and emergency industries.

PTO generators produce useful electricity by using the rotating drive shafts of a tractor or another PTO-compatible vehicle. To produce electricity, the vehicle’s engine speed or power turns the PTO shaft like an alternator.

PTO generator benefits include:

  • Portable power — With a PTO mounted generator, you can take power with you anywhere.
  • Flexibility — PTO generators are great for temporary home power outages as well as agricultural settings.
  • Low maintenance — Tractor driven PTO generators do not need their own engine.
  • Lower costs — PTO generators use an external engine, which is less expensive than other engines.

Winco PTO generators are space efficient, as they use the existing equipment. Plus, Winco PTO generators are typically quieter than standalone generators since the generator’s engine is the primary noise source (perfect for residential areas with noise regulations).

Note: PTO generator power output is directly determined by the primary equipment’s engine. The specific equipment you use will affect the power capacity of PTO generators.

ISC Sales offers PTO generators at 10 kW to 165 kW with voltages of 120/208V, 120/240V, 277/480V, and 346/600V. The generators are available in 540 RPM and 1000 RPM. Accessories for PTO generators include portability kits, PTO shafts, and PTO trailers.

Two-Bearing Generators

Single Bearing vs Double Bearing Generators

In single-bearing generators, the alternator is supported at the non-drive end by a single bearing. The rotors are held in place by a single bearing that is located on the main non-drive shaft. Two-bearing generators, on the other hand, are a kind of PTO generator that has two bearings, one on either end of the main shaft.

Advantages of two-bearing generators include:

  • Reduced vibrations — Dual bearing configuration helps reduce vibrations
  • Increased power capacity — Higher power capacity than single-bearing
  • Easier repair — Easier access to individual bearings during repair tasks
  • Load distribution — Load distributed evenly across the rotor shaft

With high-quality construction, Winco’s versatile two-bearing generators are designed for reliable long-term use. Whether you need power for you home, a construction site, or a commercial setting, Winco two-bearing generators have got you covered. 

Winco Two-Bearing Products

Winco two-bearing generators use advanced alternator technology to protect the operation of sensitive electronic equipment. ISC Sales’s Winco PTO two-bearing generators feature a water and oil proof insulating enamel that offers protection from chemicals and moisture. Winco two-bearing generator ends come with automatic voltage regulation and IP23 coverings that provide protection from water spray and objects larger than 0.5 inches.

The PTO double bearing generator is available in 2.4 kW to 7.2 kW at 120V and 120V/240V. Two-bearing ends are available in 7.5 kW to 185.1 kW at 120/208V 3Ph, 120/240V 1 Ph, 120/240V 3Ph, and 277/480V 3Ph. Accessories for two-bearing generators include portability kits, PTO shafts, and PTO trailers.

Five-Star Winco Generators for Sale

We have the largest number of generators in stock near you. Check out our bestsellers:

Winco Big Dog Portable Generator – 18000 Watts, 120/240V, 1 Ph, Electric, Gas

“It works great and has never let me down. I’ve used it for a variety of projects, from home repairs to metal work for my company and it just keeps on going.”  — David K.

Winco EC18000VE/D Portable Generator – 18000 Watts, 120/240V, 1Ph, Gas, Briggs & Stratton Engine

“Perfect for all of my food truck needs, was able to mount it and use it as my main source of power now.” — Emily B.

Winco Power Standby Generator, 12.5kW, 346/600V, 3Ph, Diesel

“Very impressed with the quality and delivery time! Will be ordering maintenance items in the future!” —Donald H.

Winco Standby Generator, 12 kW, 120/240V, 1Ph

“Delivered on time, my electrician installed it, connected it to automatic transfer switch and works like a charm!” — Gerald

Winco 50PTOC4-03 PTO Generator – 50kW, 120/240V, 1 Ph, 540 RPM

“Well-built and easy to use. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a quality PTO generator.” — Kristin

Winco TB2400 Two Bearing Generator – 2.4kW, 120V, 1 Ph

“Priced very reasonably / shipped promptly. I know this unit will last me for years.” — Thomas W.

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