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Personal Air Conditioner Vests Keep Workers Cool For Less

Give your employees more than just Gatorade and ice pops to keep them cool and comfortable on the line, invest in a personal air conditioner vest (PACs). Unlike ice packs and other conventional ways of alleviating heat, PACs will never melt or lose their cooling capacity and can deliver continuous and consistent cooling as long as […]

Get 50% Longer Life for Your Industrial Equipment Using Spot Cooling

Spot coolers are a helpful addition to any production process. They increase tool life and feed rates on dry machining operations. They increase productivity by reducing high heat loads which can have negative effects on product quality and cycle times can also suffer, resulting in lower outputs. Spot cooling is an efficient and cost-effective alternative […]

what is enclosure cooling

What is Enclosure Cooling? (A Colossal Guide to Becoming an Expert)

The use of enclosure coolers has grown exponentially due to the demands created by higher cabinet heat loads associated with more sophisticated electrical equipment. In an attempt to lower costs, manufacturers placed equipment closer to the plant, exposing it to harsher environments. Before the invention of enclosure coolers in the 1960s, electrical enclosures relied solely […]

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