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Pinner-LP Charging Bar

The Pinner-LP Charging Bar is part of Simco-Ion's Chargemaster Electrostatic Generating System. With its low profile design, the Pinner-LP is the smallest in the series making it easier to fit in tight spaces. A large variety of lengths are available allowing for the perfect fit. The Pinner-LP is engineered to provide stunning pinning performance for multiple applications, especially in roll-to-roll changeover. pinnerlp

  • Low profile design.
  • Fully encapsulated quality construction.
  • Current-limited for operator safety and reduced EMI/RFI.
  • Long life emitter pins.

The current-limited Pinner-LP bars are engineered to regulate the amount of electrical current that is drawn from the power supply. This advancement prevents hard arcs from occurring which eliminates damage to materials and equipment. It also provides more uniform performance across the bar.

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DownloadPinner-LP Charging Bar Brochure


Input Voltage±30 kVDC max
Output CurrentContinuous Use: 0.75 mA/ft max
Intermittent Use: 1.50 mA/ft max
Operating Environment32°F (0ºC) to 200ºF (90°C); 70% RH Max, no dewing permissible
Operating Distance1/2” to 3” (application & voltage dependent)
Weight1.4 lb/foot
Dimensions1"W x 1.9"H x (EL + 2") L
EL = Effective Length 3" to 144" in 3" increments
EnclosureGlass filled polyester (rugged, impact resistant, light grey color)
High Voltage CableFlexible, abrasion-resistant, silicone outer jacket rated to ±50 kV, 10-ft standard length (1/2" min bend radius)

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