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Sanitary Strainer

Sanitary Strainers

A Sanitary Strainer is one of the most important parts used by a diverse number of industries in many different processing applications like food and beverage, dairy production, chemical, pharmaceutical and poultry and meat manufacturing. Its main purpose is to protect processing equipment such as homogenizers, meters, spray nozzles, needle valves, heat exchangers and pumps by removing harmful contaminants from the process stream.

Inline and Side Inlet Sanitary Strainers are interchangeable and their component parts, perforated support cores,  springs and distributor caps, are all compatible with many of the standard models currently on the market.

Wire Mesh OverScreens are made for a snug, slip-fit over the perforated support core. The OverScreens feature continuously welded seams which means no loose wires.


  • Promotes Sanitation
  • Optimizes manufacturing and particle separation.
  • Cost effective for improved product quality and ensuring uniformity.
  • Designed for Maximum Application Flexibility

*Complete assemblies and all replacement parts are kept in stock!

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