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ISC Sales is one of the largest distributors of Winco generators. Winco has been building high-quality, American-made generators since 1950. Our product list includes commercial standby, PTO, prime power, portable generators, and transfer switches. Whatever your need is for supplying emergency power or running power in remote locations, ISC Sales has the most reliable Winco generators available for sale.

Commercial Standby Generators

Commercial generators are permanent solutions for businesses that need a reliable source of backup power. If a power outage cuts out power, communications go down and often the production of goods does as well. Commercial standby generators are a solution that save mid-sized to large businesses lost profits during power outages. You can work with an electrician to install the right amount of power for your needs and also include an automatic transfer switch to ensure a seamless transition from the main power line electricity to the generator produced electricity.

Portable Generators

If you would like a mobile power source for remote applications, a portable generator is for you. These can typically handle emergency situations and cover a limited amount of power up to everything in a small house. Whether you want to supply power directly to a few appliances or run power through the electrical panel in a home or small business, portable generators are a great option.

Prime Power Generators

ISC Sales offers Prime Power Generators that are fueled by diesel oil and are used as a source of primary power and a permanent solution for certain applications. Other generators are used for more remote, temporary or emergency power needs, whereas prime power generators are often used when variable loads or overload situations might occur.

PTO Generators

Generators that run off a tractor engine are a beautiful thing. You can save dollars on the purchase of a generator because you aren’t buying an engine. When you buy a PTO generator you are repurposing power from a tractor’s engine to run to remote locations, including farm equipment and home appliances. There is much less maintenance and it is a more efficient use of power.

Transfer Switches

Generator transfer switches can either be automatic or manual. Their primary purpose is for connecting a generator into the electrical box of a home or business. Using a transfer switch is a safe and reliable way to send power to circuits inside of a home, rather than powering individual appliances directly.

Buy Generators from ISC Sales

ISC Sales has been in business for over 30 years, serving the industrial sector with expert solutions and products. Contact our generator experts and account managers to get help on which generator is best for your needs. Call us at (877) 602-0010 or buy Winco generators directly online.

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