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Bard Exterior Wall Mount

Bard Exterior Wall Mount AC, Heat Pumps, & Gas / Electric

ISC Sales has Bard Exterior Wall Mount Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, and Gas / Electric units available for sale. Bard is one of the most favored brands in the industrial and commercial air conditioning market.

Their remarkable performance, high quality and long lifespan, make Bard’s equipment the best available for your application.

ISC Sales is a top distributor of Bard’s exterior wall mount units, offering the best recommendation for your application needs. Contact us today to get instant support from one of our experts!

Our AC units offer the best use of available space as our wall mounts make room for ground and floor space. External wall mount units come in single and three phase, 1 – 6 ton units. Our heat pumps and gas/electric air conditioners provide excellent heating and cooling options. All of our air conditioning units work well for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

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