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Personal Air Conditioners

Personal Air Conditioning Vests

Personal Air Conditioning Vests

Personal Air Conditioners, or Cooling Vests, keep workers comfortable in extreme environments. These vests are designed to minimize heat stress, cold stress, fatigue and improve comfort and productivity. Powered by vortex tubes, this system converts compressed air into cold or warm air up to 60Fº (33Cº) below or above the air inlet temperature.

These systems are an ideal cooling solution for multiple industries and eliminate the need to air condition large warehouses or shop areas. These durable units have no moving parts and can be worn underneath protective clothing. The dual action PAC can easily be switched from heating to cooling.

PAC vests are available for purchase online.  You can also click the “Request FREE Quote” button or contact a knowledgeable specialist at ISC Sales for wholesale pricing. 

For even more information, Discover How Personal Air Conditioners Keep Workers Cool For Less Money

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  • Improves worker safety
  • Eliminates the incidence of worker heat stress or cold stress
  • Reduces frequency and duration of non-productive cooling and warming work breaks
  • Maximizes worker productivity and comfort in extreme temperatures
  • Eliminates the need to air condition large warehouse or shop areas


  • Provide continuous, consistent cooling, unlike ice or gel paks
  • Three cooling capacities available in the cooling only mode; heating and cooling model is available at two heat/cool capacities
  • Air is delivered at up to +/- 60 deg F differential from the compressed air inlet
  • Cooling only version has easy temperature adjustment by user, even with gloved hands
  • Can be worn under other protective clothing
  • Three vest sizes available to fit all workers
  • Vest is impermeable to sweat, dirt and other contaminants; easily cleaned
  • Collar unfolds to deliver air to the neck & face
  • Vest allows full range of motion with no airflow restrictions
  • The vest is made of an abrasion resistant, flame retardant vinyl laminated nylon that is self-extinguishing and has a melting point of 300°F

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