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Compressor Aftercoolers

Compressor aftercoolers are a highly-efficient and cost-effective solution to remove water vapor while simultaneously cooling compressed air to safe, usable levels for many applications.

An aftercooler is a heat exchanger that cools hot compressed air to precipitate water that otherwise would condensate in the pipe system. Compressor aftercoolers reduce the temperature of compressed air to the condensing point. This gets rid of up to 75% of the entrained moisture vapor, guaranteeing the protection of downstream equipment and product.

Download – Compressor Aftercooler Brochure


The superior design of the aftercoolers ensures that the compressed air is cooled to a temperature that can protect equipment, prolong equipment lifespan and save on costs.

  • Multiple motor configurations available
  • Heavy duty steel shroud
  • Light weight aluminum cooler


These units are the most inexpensive and most efficient method of water vapor control for compressed air systems. For example, if an aftercooler is not used, a 200 SCFM compressor operating at 100 psig introduces 45 gallons of water into the compressed air system each day.

  • Reduces moisture build up in air lines
  • Reduces rust inside air lines and tools
  • Extends the life of all components
  • Prevents water washing out lubricants from tools
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