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Hayward PVC Simplex Strainer

The Hayward PVC Simplex Strainer is the answer for straining in applications for corrosive or ultrapure services. There is no metal used in its construction to leach out and contaminate sensitive fluids. Because of its plastic construction, this simplex strainer will never rust or corrode even without coating or painting. They are available in PVC and CPVC in sizes up to 8˝ – with socket, threaded or flanged connections. They are rated at 150 psi at 70°F in most applications. No tools are required for basket changing, the cover spins off by hand.

A continuous lining of advanced fluoropolymer resin makes this simplex strainer an excellent, low-cost alternative to exotic alloy strainers in a wide variety of corrosive or abrasive lined piping applications. Plastic simplex strainers can be used in many applications.

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DownloadPlastic Simplex Basket Strainer IOMAll-Plastic-Simplex-Basket-Strainer


  • External cover threads
  • Low pressure drop
  • Wide choice of baskets
  • In-Line or loop piping design
  • True union connections
  • Hand removable cover
  • Integral, flat mounting base


  • Stainless steel mesh baskets
  • EPDM seals
  • Clear, see-through Eastar construction
  • Pressure Differential Gauge and Switch

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Available Sizes and Options

ModelSizeMaterialEnd ConnectionsSealsPressure Rating
HC-12FE-1501/2"CPVCFlangedEPMD150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-12SE-1501/2"CPVCSocket/ThreadedEPMD150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-12FF-1501/2"CPVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-12SF-1501/2"CPVCSocket/ThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HE-12FE-1001/2"EASTARFlangedEPMD100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-12SE-1001/2"EASTARSocket/ThreadedEPMD100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-12FF-1001/2"EASTARFlangedFPM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-12SF-1001/2"EASTARSocket/ThreadedFPM100 PSI @ 70°F
HP-12FE-1501/2"PVCFlangedEPMD150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-12SE-1501/2"PVCSocket/ThreadedEPMD150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-12FF-1501/2"PVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-12SF-1501/2"PVCSocket/ThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-34FE-1503/4"CPVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-34SE-1503/4"CPVCSocket/ThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-34FF-1503/4"CPVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-34SF-1503/4"CPVCSocket/ThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HE-34FE-1003/4"EASTARFlangedEPDM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-34SE-1003/4"EASTARSocket/ThreadedEPDM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-34FF-1003/4"EASTARFlangedFPM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-34SF-1003/4"EASTARSocket/ThreadedFPM100 PSI @ 70°F
HP-34FE-1503/4"PVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-34SE-1503/4"PVCSocket/ThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-34FF-1503/4"PVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-34SF-1503/4"PVCSocket/ThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
ModelSizeMaterialEnd ConnectionsSealsPressure Rating
HC-1FE-1501"CPVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-1SE-1501"CPVCSocket/ThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-1FF-1501"CPVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-1SF-1501"CPVCSocket/ThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HE-1FE-1001"EASTARFlangedEPDM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-1SE-1001"EASTARSocket/ThreadedEPDM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-1FF-1001"EASTARFlangedFPM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-1SF-1001"EASTARSocket/ThreadedFPM100 PSI @ 70°F
HP-1FE-1501"PVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-1SE-1501"PVCSocket/ThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-1FF-1501"PVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-1SF-1501"PVCSocket/ThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-114FE-1501-1/4"CPVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-114SE-1501-1/4"CPVCSocket/ThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-114FE-1501-1/4"CPVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-114SE-1501-1/4"CPVCSocket/ThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HE-114FE-1001-1/4"EASTARFlangedEPDM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-114SE-1001-1/4"EASTARSocket/ThreadedEPDM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-114FF-1001-1/4"EASTARFlangedFPM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-114SF-1001-1/4"EASTARSocket/ThreadedFPM100 PSI @ 70°F
HP-114FE-1501-1/4"PVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-114SE-1501-1/4"PVCSocket/ThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-114FF-1501-1/4"PVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-114SF-1501-1/4"PVCSocket/ThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
ModelSizeMaterialEnd ConnectionsSealsPressure Rating
HC-112FE-1501-1/2"CPVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-112SE-1501-1/2"CPVCSocket/ThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-112FF-1501-1/2"CPVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-112SF-1501-1/2"CPVCSocket/ThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HE-112FE-1001-1/2"EASTARFlangedEPDM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-112SE-1001-1/2"EASTARSocket/ThreadedEPDM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-112FF-1001-1/2"EASTARFlangedFPM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-112SF-1001-1/2"EASTARSocket/ThreadedFPM100 PSI @ 70°F
HP-112FE-1501-1/2"PVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-112SE-1501-1/2"PVCSocket/ThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-112FF-1501-1/2"PVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-112SF-1501-1/2"PVCSocket/ThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-2FE-1502"CPVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-2SE-1502"CPVCSocket/ThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-2FF-1502"CPVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-2SF-1502"CPVCSocket/ThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HE-2FE-1002"EASTARFlangedEPDM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-2SE-1002"EASTARSocket/ThreadedEPDM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-2FF-1002"EASTARFlangedFPM100 PSI @ 70°F
HE-2SF-1002"EASTARSocket/ThreadedFPM100 PSI @ 70°F
HP-2FE-1502"PVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-2SE-1502"PVCSocket/ThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-2FF-1502"PVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-2SF-1502"PVCSocket/ThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
ModelSizeMaterialEnd ConnectionsSealsPressure Rating
HC-212FE-1502-1/2"CPVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-212SE-1502-1/2"CPVCSocketEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-212TE-1502-1/2"CPVCThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-212FF-1502-1/2"CPVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-212SF-1502-1/2"CPVCSocketFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-212TF-1502-1/2"CPVCThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-212FE-1502-1/2"PVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-212SE-1502-1/2"PVCSocketEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-212TE-1502-1/2"PVCThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-212FF-1502-1/2"PVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-212SF-1502-1/2"PVCSocketFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-212TF-1502-1/2"PVCThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-3FE-1503"CPVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-3SE-1503"CPVCSocketEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-3TE-1503"CPVCThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-3FF-1503"CPVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-3SF-1503"CPVCSocketFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-3TF-1503"CPVCThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-3FE-1503"PVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-3SE-1503"PVCSocketEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-3TE-1503"PVCThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-3FF-1503"PVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-3SF-1503"PVCSocketFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-3TF-1503"PVCThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
ModelSizeMaterialEnd ConnectionsSealsPressure Rating
HC-4FE-1504"CPVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-4SE-1504"CPVCSocketEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-4TE-1504"CPVCThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-4FF-1504"CPVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-4SF-1504"CPVCSocketFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-4TF-1504"CPVCThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-4FE-1504"PVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-4SE-1504"PVCSocketEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-4TE-1504"PVCThreadedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-4FF-1504"PVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-4SF-1504"PVCSocketFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-4TF-1504"PVCThreadedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-6FE-1506"CPVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-6FF-1506"CPVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-6FE-1506"PVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-6FF-1506"PVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-8FE-1508"CPVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HC-8FF-1508"CPVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-8FE-1508"PVCFlangedEPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HP-8FF-1508"PVCFlangedFPM150 PSI @ 70°F

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