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Fil-Trek Duplex Strainer SBODV SeriesFil-Trek Duplex Strainer SBODV Series

Duplex strainers, or double baskets, are removable, cleanable baskets that are used to catch solids and particulate too large to be caught by most filter media. Duplex strainers allow a process system to run without any interruption by redirecting flow to an alternate basket when the other reaches capacity.


  • Offset duplexed strainer basket housing.
  • ASME designed offset basket housing.
  • Basket flow inside out to trap particulate.
  • 150 psig (10.3bar) @ 250°F(121.1°C) operating pressure standard.
  • Higher designer pressures available
  • Available with mesh liners and wedge wire
  • Vessels available in carbon or stainless steel 304 or 316.
  • Swing bolt closure allows for quick element change out.
  • Davit used on larger vessels to facilitate basket change out.

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Specifications & Operating Parameters

Maximum Operating Pressure150 psig (10.3 bar) @ 250°F.
Available Sizes/Length6", 8", 10" 12", 16", 18", 20", 24", 30", 36"
Max Flow Rate14150 GPM
Materials of ConstructionStainless or Carbon Steel, others upon request.
ASME CodeYes
Duplexing AvailableYes

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