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Hayward PVC Duplex Strainers

PVC Duplex Strainers provide a solution for many corrosive or sensitive process media straining applications. Hayward's all plastic duplex basket strainers are made to resistant a wide variety of corrosive acids and aggressive materials.

Flow is diverted from one strainer basket to the other by an all-plastic, three-way ball valve assembly for easy cleaning when one basket has reached capacity. A quick turn of the handle diverts the flow. These duplex strainers come standard with two perforated all-plastic baskets made of the same material as the strainer itself.

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  • Uninterrupted flow
  • External body threads
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Wide choice of baskets
  • In-line or loop piping design
  • True union connections
  • Hand-removable covers
  • Integral, flat mounting base


  • Stainless steel mesh baskets
  • EPDM seals
  • Clear, see-through Eastar construction

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Available Sizes and Options

ModelSizeMaterialEnd ConnectionSealsPressure Rating
HPCG-124STF-FE151/2" - 4"PVC, CPVC, and GFPPSocket, Threaded or FlangedFPM or EPDM150 PSI @ 70°F
HE-124STF-FE101/2" - 4"EastarSocket, Threaded or FlangedFPM or EPDM100 PSI @ 70°F
HPC-68F-FE156" - 8"PVC, CPVCFlangedFPM or EPDM150 PSI @ 70°F

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