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Basket and Screen DataBasket and Screen Data

Eaton strainers have basket and screen data that is designed to be both effective and durable. Eaton basket strainers and screens for Y-strainers are available in both standard and heavy-duty designs. Standard baskets and screens will meet the needs of nearly all applications. Heavy duty baskets and screens are recommended for applications where either an extremely high viscosity material is being strained or a high solid load is expected.

Eaton Baskets and screens are available in two materials, type 316 stainless steel or Monel. These materials will cover the corrosion resistance levels needed for nearly all strainer services.

A wide range of perforations and mesh can provide the removal of solids from 1/2˝ down to 40 microns. For special, unique applications Eaton can custom fabricate a basket from just about any material to meet your exact specifications for your application.

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